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Kukulcan is an enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0, and is a giant version of the Electric Flan. It is fought only in Ultima Ground Zero.


Battle Edit

Kukulcans absorb lightning, resist physical attacks and take no damage from water, earth or wind attacks. Like all flan, they lunge at their opponents and there is a Breaksight (Killsight on low HP) chance when dodging a lunging Kukulcan, and then hitting them right after.

Strategy Edit

Kukulcan, like most larger versions of flans, is more difficult to defeat, as magic is a much less viable option; it will eat up a lot of MP doing so. The best way to defeat Kukulcan is to use physical damage to conserve MP, although it will often take a long time to defeat them. Cinque and Jack are cadets who deal strong physical damage to Kukulcans. Additionally, ranged cadets like King and Cater can run up to Kulkulcan, and once it lunges, dodge and hit a Breaksight.

Etymology Edit

The enormous version of it is known as "kukulcan." Kukulkan is the name of a Maya snake deity that also serves to designate historical persons. The depiction of the feathered serpent deity is present in other cultures of Mesoamerica.

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