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Kujata in Final Fantasy XIII is a Sanctum fal'Cie tasked with providing power to Cocoon's cities. It resides in the power plant at Euride Gorge.


The task of this Sanctum fal'Cie is providing Cocoon with the power its advanced urban population demands. From the plant at Euride Gorge, it sates the voracious energy appetites of surrounding cities.

Eight days before the Purge, Kujata detected a Pulse l'Cie presence near the plant and took emergency defensive action. Hoping to use a human instrument to search out the enemy l'Cie, the fal'Cie branded Sazh's son, Dajh, who had wandered into the facility, turning the boy into a Sanctum l'Cie.


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Kujata brands Dajh in response to Fang and Vanille's threat.

Two Pulse l'Cie, Fang and Vanille, were detected by Kujata inside the Euride Gorge power plant eight days prior to the Purge. In retaliation, Kujata turned Sazh Katzroy's son, Dajh, who had separated from Sazh and stumbled upon Fang and Vanille, into a Sanctum l'Cie to defend it from the perceived threat.

Kujata makes a cameo appearance in Orphan's Cradle. It appears when the player approaches one of the Eden waypoints. It, along with the other Cocoon fal'Cie, dies following the death of Orphan.

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Kujata shares its name with the summon from Final Fantasy VII. Kuyūthā (Arabic: كيوثاء), also known as Kujata and Kujūta, is a cosmic bull in Arabian mythology who stands on the enormous fish Bahamut. Kuyūthā has four thousand eyes, and the equal amount of ears, mouths, noses, tongues, and feet, with a distance of a journey of 500 years between each of them (e.g. from eye to eye). On the back of Kuyūthā is a giant mountain of ruby, and on top of that mountain is an angel, who supports six Hells, the Earth, and seven Heavens.