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Kujata (クジャタ, Kujata?), also known as Kjata, is a beast; usually in the form of a summon. It is a bull with multiple horns and eyes. Its first appearance in the series was in Final Fantasy VII.


Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Tetra-Disaster - Kujata summon sequence - FFVII

Tetra-Disaster - Kujata summon sequence - FFVII


Kujata (known as Kjata in the PlayStation release) can be found at the Bone Village. On the second level of the village, the player must head west into the forest. At the screen right before entering the Sleeping Forest, a red dot will randomly appear and move around the screen. This is the Kujata Materia. The player must chase and pick it up to acquire it.

However, if the player's Materia inventory is full, the Kujata Materia will be lost forever. Usually if a player attempts to pick up a Materia when the inventory is full the game will notify the player and ask them to remove Materia first. Due to poor programming this never happens with Kujata; the player receives the message that they have acquired the Materia, but upon entering the Materia inventory the Materia is not there, as there was no room to place it in.

Kujata requires 110 MP to summon and its spell power is equal to 6.25x the base magic damage.

When summoned, Kujata cycles through three elements in order of Lightning, Ice, and Fire to all enemies, revealing its true form in an explosion of light before the final earth-rippling blow (although this does not actually add the Earth element), in an attack called Tetra-Disaster. If an enemy is immune to or absorbs one of the elements, the entire attack is negated or absorbed by the enemy.

Stats Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Master
AP for level 22000 60000 90000 140000
Stat changes Magic +1, Magic Def. +1, Max HP -5%, Max MP +5%

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-Edit



Kujata can be summoned in battle using the Kjata Materia. He uses the attack Tetra-Disaster, a Gravity-elemental attack that hits all opponents. His appearance is based off his original appearance in Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Though Kujata does not appear as a summon, it is the name of a server. With the merging of servers, it has since been shut down.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Kujata is the fal'Cie that supplies power to Euride Gorge and who brands Dajh Katzroy.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

A massive buffalo, Kujata, also known as "The Mountain," was awoken after the Calamity and went on rampages through the La Noscea countryside, causing much death and destruction in his wake. The class quests for the Marauder largely focus on training to defeat the beast on behalf of a boy and his grandfather in Red Rooster Stead after the boy's parents were slain by the beast.

Kujata is ultimately fought as the final boss of Marauder questline in the level 30 quest "Bringing Down the Mountain," bringing his reign of terror to an end.

Final Fantasy XVEdit

Kujata FFXV

Kujata is a level 58 enemy fought in Duscae in the Disc of Cauthess region and Mencemoor. It has high HP and high Strength. Additionally, the even more powerful Molokujata can be fought during the Devils Cry Curses Hunt.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

Kujata Brigade

Kujata is a Thunder-elemental esper. From time to time, players may encounter Kujata in battle. Defeating Kujata will grant players the Kujata I summon stone, which allows Kujata to be summoned into battle. When summoned, Kujata uses the skill, Tri-Disaster.

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

Kujata was set to appear as a Summoning ability, but doesn't appear in the final product. Its summon ability is called Diamond Dust, but its animation differs from Shiva's version and indicates that the ability was supposed to deal ice, fire, and earth damage. Kujata has a a complete sprite based on its Final Fantasy VII appearance.[1]

Mobius Final FantasyEdit

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Kujata TCG

Kujata's Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade appearance has a card


Kuyūthā (Arabic: كيوثاء), also known as Kujata and Kujūta, is a cosmic bull in Arabian mythology who stands on the enormous fish Bahamut. Kuyūthā has four thousand eyes, and the equal amount of ears, mouths, noses, tongues, and feet, with a distance of a journey of 500 years between each of them (e.g. from eye to eye). On the back of Kuyūthā is a giant mountain of ruby, and on top of that mountain is an angel, who supports six Hells, the Earth, and seven Heavens.



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