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For far, far too long have I waited for this rematch!


Kugane Ohashi is a Trial Trial from Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. The party of eight players take on the sole boss Yojimbo, who reveals himself to have been Gilgamesh in disguise.

Kugane Ohashi is the first trial since The Steps of Faith The Steps of Faith in A Realm Reborn to not receive an Extreme mode.


In the Far Eastern realm of Hingashi, in the pitch of night, perched atop a ship's mast, a warrior waits. In his hand, a sacred treasure, a sword without peer. Yet the enigmatic Yojimbo is a man with many secrets secreted within his many sleeves—all which he is prepared to bring to bear against his most fearsome and radiant foe...

In-game description


On the bridge is the mercenary for hire Yojimbo, ready to settle his rematch with the party.

  • Inoshikacho- Yojimbo will summon blue butterflies on players positions and explode in a circular AoE.
  • Metta-giri- Raid wide damage.
  • Unveiling- Yojimbo will move to the center of the arena and enter a platform to change his appearance to Gilgamesh.
  • Gekko- The party will each get a circular AoE, that will turn into Kasha, which will form a donut around where the initial AoE formed.
  • Bitter End- Occasional tank buster.
  • Tiny Song- Every party member will get a dark red marker on their head and will need to stand with at least one other player to avoid being turned tiny.
  • Dragon Night- Gilgamesh will summon dragon heads that will move from one side of the arena to the other and give a vulnerabilty stack and at the end do raid wide damage.

Once Gilgamesh reaches a low percent he will disappear and a giant version of him will appear from the water with a giant Ame-no-Murakumo. Two forms of him called Embodiments will appear and Giga Jump on both tanks, they will use Gilgamesh's ability from the fight until defeated. They must be defeated before Gilgamesh's Divine Epicness meter fills or the party wipes.

Gilgamesh will return once again with a Giga Jump, and make electric orbs cover 95% of the arena that will explode and give a vulnerability stack.

  • Enchain- Gilgamesh will enchain a few players, the chains must be defeated for them to be freed. The further away the enchained players are, the easier it is for them to be broken free.



Kugane (黄金?) means "gold" or "gold coin" in Japanese. Kugane (くがね?) is an out-dated or obsolete kana usage of the kanji 黄金, which is now pronounced as kogane (こがね?) or ōgon (おうごん?).

Ōhashi (大橋?) means "big bridge" in Japanese, with the trial occurring on a large bridge in the city of Kugane, which serves as a hint towards Yojimbo's true identity.