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Kugane Ohashi is a trial from Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. The party of eight players take on the sole boss Yojimbo, who reveals himself to have been Gilgamesh in disguise.

Story Edit

In the Far Eastern realm of Hingashi, in the pitch of night, perched atop a ship's mast, a warrior waits. In his hand, a sacred treasure, a sword without peer. Yet the enigmatic Yojimbo is a man with many secrets secreted within his many sleeves─all which he is prepared to bring to bear against his most fearsome and radiant foe...

In-game description

Progression Edit


  • Ōhashi means "big bridge" in Japanese, with the trial occurring on a large bridge in the city of Kugane, which serves as a hint towards Yojimbo's true identity.
  • Kugane Ohashi is the first trial since The Steps of Faith in A Realm Reborn to not receive an Extreme mode.
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