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Kugane Castle is a dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. It is one of the Expert Dungeons added in 4.0.


Kugane Castle opening cinematic.

Upon the western coast of Hingashi, caressed by the Ruby Sea, there lies the city of Kugane, the nation's sole open port. Dominating the vibrant cityscape is the majestic Kugane Castle, within whose halls a performance was unfolding, a spectacle to entertain visiting dignitaries. But comedy quickly turned to tragedy when a band of lawless shinobi stormed the castle. Ardently opposed to the influence of foreign nations, these interlopers took all present captive, the lord bugyo of Kugane included. The country now sits on a knife's edge, leaning perilously toward an international incident. Who will see that it falls to the other side?

In-game description


  1. Arrive at the Keisen Garden: 0/1
  2. Defeat Zuiko-maru: 0/1
  3. Arrive at the Budokan Training Grounds: 0/1
  4. Defeat Dojun-maru: 0/1
  5. Arrive at the Noh Theater: 0/1
  6. Defeat Yojimbo: 0/1


Ni-no-Maru Manor Gardens[]

seemingly arriving from the well in the gardens the party infiltrates the gardens facing samurai and ninja guards as well as large Joi Kiyofusa.

Keisen Garden[]

The party comes across a large set of doors and into the Keisen Garden where they come across another mechanical servant Zuiko-maru.

  • Clearout- Conal AoE
  • Helm Crack- Party stack together.
  • Kenki release- Raid wide damage.

Throughout the fight Harakiri Kosho will spawn tethering to a specific player and tie them down, they must be defeated to create a safe spot away from the explosion they will create.

Hon-maru Manor[]

Upon arriving into the main manor, the party is attacked by ninja and onmitsu. Some of the other ninjas will summon clay monsters called Joi Koja.

Budokan Training Grounds[]

The party enters the Budokan Training Grounds where they face off against a powerful onmitsu called Dojun-maru.

  • Clockwork Medium- Dojun-maru summons other onmitsu that flip the panels in a line in front of them.
  • Issen- a small hitting tank buster that the boss uses at random.
  • Clockwork Raiton- circle electric AoE's appear following players.
  • Juji Shuriken- the boss will throw a shuriken in a straight line when the cast finishes.

Hon-maru Tenshu[]

Upon defeating Dojun-maru the party enters the main foyer of the manor, where Tengu attempt to take the parties lives and other mechanical monsters on the second floor of the manor.

Noh Theater[]

Arriving in the Noh Theater the party comes across Kageyama who orders Yojimbo to kill the party.

  • Iai-giri- A point blank circular AoE.
  • Wakizashi- small tank buster.

At different intervals in the fight Yojimbo retreats and orders Kageyama for more coin to continue the fight. During this players will be unable to attack him and coins will appear throughout the arena. Players must collect the gold piles before Daigoro collects them to have Yojimbo's Zanmato deal less damage.

  • Metta-giri- Raid wide damage.
  • Inoshikacho- Yojimbo will summon butterflies that will do point blank AoE's around themselves.
  • Dragon's Lair- before retreating in the final phase, Yojimbo will summon dragon heads that will target players with a straight line to interrupt them from picking up gold piles.


  • Joi Jonin
  • Joi Genin
  • Joi Kiyofusa
  • Zuiko-maru
  • Harakiri Kosho
  • Joi Summoner
  • Joi Koja
  • Joi Blade
  • Karakuri Onmitsu
  • Dojun-maru
  • Joi Onmitsu
  • Karasu Tengu
  • Harikari Hanya
  • Karakiri Hanya
  • Yojimbo