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Clan Nutsy and Cid in Kudik Peaks.

Towering peaks. Home to an endangered tiger.


Kudik Peaks (クディクス山岳, Kudikusu sangaku?) is a mountain location in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It becomes available for placement after the completion of "Mission #012: Jagd Hunt". In "Mission #013: The Bounty", Clan Ox spawns from this location.

When Marche engages this clan, he learns that Queen Remedi has placed a bounty on his head. In "Mission #108: Poachers", Poachers spawn from this location. Kudik Peaks is also the site of "Mission #052: Friend Trouble". It can be freed in "Mission #250: Kudik Peaks" after "Mission #015: Scouring Time" is completed.


  • "Mission #052: Friend Trouble"

Arr, them mountain beasts have been coming down to the lowlands of late, and one took a bite out of me! Find me a good hunter!

Cheney, Hunter
  • "Mission #250: Kudik Peaks"

A rock slide has blocked off the road to the Kudik Peaks. Looking for people to help clear it off.

Jagark, Mountain Patrol


Kudik Beasts[]

Turf Defense[]

Help Kudik![]