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The Kthili Sands area.

Waves of sand rise and fall in this barren waste. The scorching sun burns bright in the sky.

The Kthili Sands is the only desert area in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift and is home to the Wizard D'Title, who can remove the Clan Title and its benefits.

Locations Edit

Kthili Sands Edit

By day the sun beats down without mercy. By night freezing winds bite into sun-seared flesh.

Random encounter Edit

"Burning Soul"
The bodies of these creatures burn with searing heat. They have a temperament to match.
Forbidden: Using ≥ 20 MP

The Ochre Wasteland Edit

Images shimmer and blur above these scorching sands, white bone-thin beasts prowl in search of prey.

Simoon Dunes Edit

Sands dance and whirl above the shifting dunes. A dark ash taints the fine yellow grains.

Secret location Edit

Sea of Boiling Flame Edit

Lava flows glowing hot from the volcano's maw, and the air is thick with sulfur. The hellish landscape stretches unbroken into the distance.

This area is unlocked after examining the rightmost well in the mission "Odd Places".

Highroads Edit

Aisenfield Highroad Edit

This road leads west to Aisenfield. The going is slow, with the fine sand swallowing foot and wheel alike.

Goug Highroad Edit

This Bridge leads south to the city of Goug. Before its construction, boats ferried travelers across this narrow channel.

This highroad opens after completing the mission "Drawn Bridge" and reentering Kthili Sands.

Missions Edit

  • "Through Another's Eyes"
  • "Hunting Season"
  • "Wanted: Icicle Ark"
  • "Thieves in the Ruins"
  • "Wanted: Marksman"
  • "Caravan Cry"
  • "Geomancer's Way - Sun"
  • "The Wonders of Ordalia"
  • "Beneath the Sands"
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