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Your enemy's gasp at the exquisite decorations on the pommel of this knife will be their last.

The Kris (クリスナイフ, Kurisu Naifu?) is a recurring weapon in the Final Fantasy series. It is often a dagger with low Attack power. It is derived from the dagger of the Indonesian archipelago, famed for its curvy blade.


Final Fantasy XI[]

The Kris is a level 27 dagger that can be used by Black Mages, Summoners, Scholars, and Geomancers. It has 11 damage, a delay of 192 and has no additional effects. It can be synthesized into the Kris +1, which raises the damage to 12 and lowers the delay to 187.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

FFTA KrisKnife.png

Knife with a beautifully adorned blade and hilt.


The Kris Knife can be used by Thieves and Jugglers. It teaches Hurl to Jugglers. It has an attack of 30 and can be bought for 2250 gil in Cyril and 2550 gil everywhere else.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

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The Kris can be used by the Juggler and teaches them Weapon Toss. It also causes the wearer to be immune to the Disable status, and provides +33 Attack, +5 Resistance, and +2 Evasion. It can be bought for 850 gil in the shop after creating it in the Bazaar after using a Gikhet Lead, Sturdy Bone, and Tomato Stalk.

Vagrant Story[]

The Kris is a piercing dagger. It is described as "an exotic dagger with a wavy blade". The weapon can be found in a chest in the Abandoned Mines.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles[]

Kris is a Magic Raising Artifact that increases Magic by 3. It can be obtained most commonly during Cycle 1 in Veo Lu Sluice.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

The Kris Knife is a medium-level knife. It gives 36 to Attack Power as well as +2 to Mind and Intelligence. It can be found at the Glacial Cave or Passage, or bought for 4500 gil at Mathel, Oasis, Gardenia, or Fabrica.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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The kris is a type of dagger from the Malayan archipelago. Often with a wavy blade, the kris is used for spiritual means, as well as a weapon, and can often represent good or bad luck.

The word kris (traditionally spelled as "keris") is originally derived from the old Javanese term ngiris which means to slice, wedge or sliver. Other spellings used by European colonists include "cryse", "crise", "criss", "kriss" and "creese".

Originally, a kris is a short, wavy dagger with a small guard. Some types are straight, but one side of the blade is preferred wavy. The kris itself is a famous sparring weapon and also an assassination weapon.