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Krinjh is a temporary-playable character from Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. He is a youth found wandering the deserts of Guera and the last survivor of the Moon Folk, a mystical race that founded the kingdom.


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Krinjh first meets Brandt and Yunita after the two get lost in the desert on their way to Guera. Krinjh explains to the two warriors that they need a Merkmal to enter the kingdom. He joins the party so he can guide them to the Moonlight Tower to retrieve one.

The group meets King Guera when they reach town. He offers to help them lift the curse on Kingdom of Horne if they help him get rid of the Sand Devil, a monster in the desert that kept Guera's people trapped inside the city. The party agrees and go to the Quicksand Castle. After its defeat, the Sand Devil reverts to its true form: an elf named Ariadne who had been Krinjh's lover and caused the sandstorm to punish him. Krinjh apologizes for failing her and disappears into the moonlight with her.

After being sent decades into the past, the party finds Krinjh and Ariadne in Guera. The two of them had brought a seedling from the Great Tree to help Guera prosper, but Ariadne had been exiled from Arbor as a result. King Guera instructs Krinjh to go to the Moonlight Tower and await his orders. The party decides to follow and arrives in time to rescue Krinjh from several monsters that the King sent to murder him. After defeating the monsters, Krinjh begs the party to go to the Quicksand Castle and save Ariadne.

Krinjh arrives with the others and discovers the King Guera trying to manipulate Ariadne by claiming that Krinjh had abandoned her and would use the seedling for evil. Krinjh and the party use the Merkmal to force the King into his true form as the demon Asmodeus, and the party defeats him. With their love restored, Krinjh and Ariadne return to Guera and assume the throne. Krinjh later meets with the party in Guera's palace and gives them the Shield of Light in thanks.

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Krinjh using Aero.

Krinjh is equipped with Krinjh's Sword, a Wood Shield, and Krinjh's Robe. During battle, he uses the Spell Fencer crown and has access to the Magic Sword ability. Krinjh carries the Aero Tome in his inventory.


Krinjh's initial stats when he joins the party.

Level HP Strength Intellect Spirit
12 63 12 11 11


Krinjh is fought as an optional boss on the final floor of the Moonsand Ruins. Krinjh mainly uses high- and mid-tier Black Magic and his physical attacks can inflict the Blind status.