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This steadfast member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn possesses the Echo, her gift manifesting as the ability to sense the intent of others. Krile also belongs to the Students of Baldesion, and is the adopted granddaughter of Galuf, the institution's late founder. In choosing to safeguard the world from peril, it is his legacy that she seeks to uphold.

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Krile Mayer Baldesion is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. She is a friend of Minfilia who, though mentioned throughout A Realm Reborn, does not make an appearance in person until Patch 3.1 "As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness".

Being one of the few known survivors of the disappearance of the Isle of Val, she helps the surviving Scions of the Seventh Dawn locate the members that have, up until this point, remained missing.


Early life[]

Krile was raised in the orphanage of the famous Archon Galuf Baldesion who adopted her. Krile discovered she possessed the Echo at the age of twelve, manifesting as a sensitivity to the whispers of the soul, and her adolescence was a dark time hounded by the thoughts of others. Troubled by his adoptive daughter's plight, Galuf directed his research organization, the Students of Baldesion, to study Krile's powers. At first the subject of experiments, Krile eventually joined the Students as a member, and came to terms with her powers. During this effort she grew close to Minfilia Warde.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

Minfilia mentioned Krile several times and it was implied the two were communicating during the escape from Castrum Centri, and that she had arranged for an artificial black crystal to be transported when Lahabrea was revealed to be possessing Thancred Waters.

Krile was mentioned by name after contact with the Students of Baldesion was abruptly cut off, and Urianger learned the Isle of Val had disappeared due to unknown magicks. Minfilia learned Krile was found alive, though her condition was ambiguous.[1]

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

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Krile arrives in Idyllshire.

Krile met with Alphinaud Leveilleur, Y'shtola Rhul, and the Warrior of Light outside Idyllshire. Having heard how Y'shtola was retrieved from the Lifestream, Krile believed she could trace Thancred's teleportation due to her skill in the Echo. To do this, she needed the power of Matoya's Crystal Eye (a very old Crystal of Light) to augment her senses.

She traced Thancred's last known location to the Dravanian Forelands. Asking the hunters and Vath, they learned a peculiar Hyur gentleman had been seen recently in the forest. They encountered the Warriors of Darkness confronting Ravana at Lost ast Gnath, and Krile and the Warrior of Light had an Echo vision of the mysterious band confronting an Ascian. When the group's leader suddenly acted hostile, Thancred emerged to aid them in driving the figures away.

With Thancred reunited with the Scions, Krile departed to visit Matoya while the others returned to Ishgard. She headed for the Rising Stones to devise a way to track Minfilia and discovered there could be a way to find her, in much the same way they had located Y'shtola and Thancred, by tuning into Hydaelyn's signature, since it seemed likely the Mothercrystal had pulled Minfilia to her.

Thancred accompanied Krile to Praetorium, where there should be trace elements of Hydaelyn's power from the time she had shielded the Warrior of Light and their allies from Ultima Weapon's attack. Krile probed Thancred for his motivations, wondering if he was in love with Minfilia. Irritated, Thancred assured his devotion was not out of romantic love, but due to his failure to protect her when she was younger; something which had cost Minfilia her father. Krile apologized, but insisted she had to know the rogue's motivation for her to trust him.

They traveled to the aqueducts of Sil'dih to verify that the Mothercrystal's intercessions could indeed be tracked, by matching the signature that they found in Praetorium. After gathering the appropriate data, Krile determined that Minfilia could be found by entering the aetherial sea. The Sharlayans had build a structure on a potential entry point, and they needed Matoya's help to get there, who agreed on the condition that only the Warrior of Light would go, while the others remained behind to help her with her work. When the Warrior returned to report on Minfilia's apparent demise, Krile was present. Alphinaud began to mourn the loss of their leader, but Matoya chided him, and reminded they must be ready to not only die for their cause, but that others may too. Y'shtola, annoyed by Matoya's lecturing, left with Krile in tow.

Krile later bore witness to the first peace conference between Ishgard and the dragons, along with the other Scions. The conference was interrupted by the appearance of Nidhogg, whose all-consuming rage Krile felt through the Echo. After the crisis, Y'shtola and Krile discussed their current predicament, Krile lamenting her cowardice in the face of the courage the Eorzeans seemed to have in spades. Believing that Matoya's words were plaguing her ally, Y'shtola assured Krile that her master had only said as such to steel their resolve, and prepare them for yet greater conflicts to come. A bemused Krile noted Y'shtola's similarity to her teacher, much to the latter's chagrin.

When Unukalhai sensed that Sephirot was beginning to stir, he called on the Warrior of Light and the Scions to assist in quelling him. Krile's skills in the Echo made her immune to Sephirot's tempering and thus she assisted in deactivating the eikon's restraints, and bore witness to the Warrior of Light's fight. After their victory, she admitted she was so frightened by Sephirot's power that it had taken all her willpower to not flee. Nonetheless, she was glad she stayed as she could witness the Warrior's abilities. She probed the young Unukalhai of his motivations, and got him to show a modicum of emotion by making him believe she could read his mind. Though she apologized for the farce, she insisted on the importance of discovering the boy's intentions, along with the identity of his so-called master. Unukalhai, however, refused to reveal anything, retreating into stoicism.

Krile appeared with Y'shtola to tell Alphinaud that it could be possible to free Estinien from Nidhogg's possession. During their dealings with the Warring Triad, she accompanied the Warrior of Light, Y'shtola, Urianger, and Unukalhai into the Aetherochemical Research Facility in pursuit of Regula van Hydrus, who had gained access to the facility. When she was injured, Unukalhai stayed behind to protect her, earning her trust and gratitude. This prompted Urianger, who had deduced that Unukalhai had secretly allowed van Hydrus into the facility in the hopes the Scions would kill him, to request that the Warrior of Light keep the knowledge of Unukalhai's deception a secret, not wanting the friendship he saw developing between the two to be jeopardized.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

During an Ala Mhigan Resistance attack, Krile healed Y'shtola's wounds but ended up captured by Fordola rem Lupis and is held prisoner of the Garlean Empire in Resonatium. Krile was rescued during a Lyse Hext infiltration to the location.

After Ala Mhigo's liberation, Krile recruited the Warrior of Light to join her expedition to the Forbidden Land, Eureka, a mysterious island that had recently appeared. She suspected the island was the reappearance of her home, the Island of Val, and was proven right. During the course of the expedition, she was reunited with her old colleague Ejika Tsunjika, and discovered the truth behind the island's disappearance and reappearance.

After the Scions began to lose consciousness, Krile examined their comatose bodies and was unable to sense their souls. She used Master Matoya's Crystal Eye to try to locate their soul trails to no avail. When the battle at Ala Mhigo borders began, Krile remained searching for other ways to locate the Scions' missing souls.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Some time after the Warrior of Light departed for the First, Krile and Tataru Taru tracked Estinien down to Kugane to recruit him to investigate Black Rose. Failing this, Krile faked an Echo vision of witnessing something embarrassing from Estinien's past, blackmailing him into agreeing.

Krile monitored the Scions' bodies while their souls were on the First, but noticed an aetherial anomaly developing in them, and surmised the continued separation between their bodies and souls would eventually kill them. She conveyed this information to Tataru and the Warrior of Light.

Krile was present when Estinien returned to report on the situation in Garlemald. Through the Echo, Krile witnessed Zenos Galvus's return as his Resonance allowed him to transcend his humanity, allowing him to reclaim his original body and granting him powerful magicks. Krile called the Garlean Prince an Ascian in all but name, becoming concerned that Zenos's murdering of Emperor Varis plunged the Empire into a civil war. Though Krile and Tataru attempted to prolong Estinien's services, the dragoon declined, noting that he was needed elsewhere. Regardless of the chaos that had engulfed the Empire, Krile remainsed to look after the Scions' physical bodies.

G'raha Tia and Urianger proposed reuniting the Scions' souls with their physical forms using White Auracite to act as containers, which the Warrior of Light would transport back to the Source. Though Krile found the plan ingenious, she noted some flaws. The Scions took her thoughts in mind but time became a luxury when both their bodies and souls began to weaken as a result of being apart for so long. The Warrior of Light and the Scions in the First created auracite containers for their souls and, after defeating Elidibus, returned their souls to their bodies on the Source. The Warrior of Light also brought the container holding the soul and memory of G'raha Tia from the First to the Crystal Tower and merged it with his present self. Krile aided them in this endeavor and also to provide magickal wards for the Crystal Tower. She was left exhausted, requesting Tataru to make some sweet tea. She was later present when the Scions formally welcomed G'raha Tia as a member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.

Krile aided the Scions in battling the rogue Ascian, Fandaniel, who not only pledged his support to Zenos, but aimed to restart the Final Days to destroy the Source. Using a new type of primal called Lunar Bahamut, Krile and Tataru looked for Estinien who evaded the two. The Warrior of Light, G'raha, Alphinaud, and Alisaie Leveilleur found him in Ishgard and recruited his aid. Following Lunar Bahamut's fall with Tiamat's aid, Estinien traveled to the Rising Stones with the Scions to meet Krile. She acknowledged that while they may have caused a setback for Fandaniel and Zenos, the war was not over due to the mysterious towers that had appeared over the continents that tempered people into Zenos and Fandaniel's service. Further, she was concerned over Hydaelyn's prolonged silence, wondering if something was blocking her from communing with her champions. Krile intended to return to Sharlayan to ask for aid in combating Fandaniel and learn everything they could about Hydaelyn, regardless of the nation's lamented policy of non-intervention. Krile hoped that with the Source itself in danger, the scholars would aid them. Already having the blessing of the Eorzean Alliance leaders, she would act as their ambassador. As her being away would leave the Scions short a member, Krile asked Estinien to join the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, to which the dragoon agreed.

Her journey to Sharlayan proved fruitless, as the Forum ignored her warnings of the Final Days. Krile found it almost unnerving that every member of the Forum she could meet refused to consider her words and would be shocked to learn that the governing body had forbidden anyone who might be sympathetic from discussing with the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, arousing her suspicions that the Forum knew more about the Final Days than what they let on. Regardless of her vain attempt to convince the Forum, Krile made contact with the Scions who just finished a meeting with Sharlayan's ambassador, Fourchenault Leveilleur, who delivered their nation's message in refraining from interacting with the rest of world and adhering to maintain their stance on nonintervention, even as the world would burn. She agreed with G'raha's suspicion that the Forum was hiding something, recounting their secretive and standoffish behavior in regards to the Final Days. Even so, Krile was optimistic that the Scions would find a way forward but suggested that the Warrior of Light and select members of the Scions join her in Sharlayan to discover what they can to aid them against Fandaniel and prevent the Final Days.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

Krile reunited with her companions in Sharlayan, explaining what had transpired, and showed them to their base of operations, the Baldesion Annex. She gave the party two lines of inquiry: one exploring Sharlayan proper, the other to attend to a request from Thavnairian alchemist Nidhana. The party agreed to divide the tasks among them, with Krile joining the Sharlayan group. The party's investigation led them to Labyrinthos, where Krile heard someone calling to her, though she was the only person able to hear it. This voice turned out to be Hydaelyn, wishing to use Krile as intermediary to communicate with the Warrior of Light. Krile agreed, and during this episode, gifted the Warrior a special flower that reacted to emotion. Their investigation in Labyrinthos was cut short when the Forum arrested them and they were put on trial. With the unexpected aid of Forum member Montichaigne, the Scions avoided deportation but were told in no uncertain terms to drop their investigation.

After the Thavnair group returned, the parties shared what they had learned. Krile was shocked by the revelations from Thavnair, including the capture of Nidhana, Fandaniel being Amon from the ancient Allagan Empire, the dragon Vrtra being the true satrap, as well as the existence of the warding scales. She agreed with her friends that storming the Tower of Zot was their next step. In Thavnair the party split into two groups, one consisting of Krile, Y'shtola, G'raha and Urianger, to try and sustain the captives in the event that primals were summoned, and the other group consisting of the Warrior of Light, Estinien, Thancred, Alphinaud and Alisaie, to find and deactivate the tower's core. Once the primals within were defeated, the groups reunited, and Estinien destroyed the core, causing to tower to vanish. G'raha used a widecast of Float to catch the Scions and the captives, causing him to faint.

In Radz-at-Han, Krile helped cure the tempered, as well as treating G'raha. She was present when Nidhana explained the concept of 'akasa', and when the Scions received the warding scales as a reward for their assistance. Back in Sharlayan, she received a missive from the Grand Company of Eorzea, and elected to stay behind with a newly arrived Tataru while the rest of her companions joined the Ilsabard Contingent in marching on Garlemald. As events in the Tower of Babil came to a head, Hydaelyn again contacted Krile who agreed to be her host. She was transported through the Lifestream to Garlemald, reaching the top of the tower just in time for Hydaelyn to try and stop the seal on Zodiark from breaking. Though Hydaelyn succeeded, the seal was heavily damaged, resulting in Fandaniel and Zenos using a teleporter to head to Mare Lamentorum and finishing the job. Hydaelyn intervened with the teleporter's aetherial flow, sending them to the far side of the moon, and asked the Warrior to try and stop them, before Krile herself passed out form exhaustion.

Krile was taken to recover while events played out on the moon, resulting in the demise of both Fandaniel and Zodiark. Thancred, Urianger, and Y'shtola followed the Warrior through the teleporter after dealing with the tempered Garleans, while Krile was sent back to Sharlayan. She was present when the Warrior and company returned, and was shocked by the revelation of the moon being an escape craft, as well as the correspondence the Loporrits had with the Sharlayan Forum. The following day, she received a call for help from Radz-at-Han, as the sky burned and monsters rampaged, and sent the Scions over to deal with the situation, unable to join herself due to being weak from her earlier exertions.

With the effects of the Final Days spreading past Thavnair and into other continents, Krile and Tataru coordinated the Scions' efforts in dealing with the threats while the Warrior of Light journeyed to the First. When they returned, Krile informed them that Fourchenault Leveilleur had taken a group of refugees from Sharlayan and Thavnair to make use of the lunar teleporter in Garlemald in lieu of the Forum's original plan to transport people to the moon, and sent them after the group as the Final Days had hit the region.

When the remaining Scions returned with the refugees, as well as the Loporrits and Urianger, they made a deal with the Forum to help finish the 'ark' in return for seeking an audience with Hydaelyn as well as permission to use the ark for their own purposes. The Forum agreed, and while Alphinaud sent out a call for assistance from the Grand Company of Eorzea, Krile contacted the gleaner Erenville to help spread the word of the plan to more allies. When the Scions descended into the Aitiascope, Krile elected to stay behind due to not being strong enough to be of use, and awaited her friends' return where they revealed the fate of Hydaelyn and Her final plea to them to save their planet, Etheirys.

With the use of the crystal she gave, the Loporrits determined the location of Meteion, the cause of the Final Days, dubbed Ultima Thule. The ark, christened the Ragnarok, was prepared by the Forum and allies for spacefaring. Krile asked her friends, chosen to be the ones to make the journey, to be safe and return alive, as she and Tataru remained behind with the others.

Sometime after the Ragnarok had left, Krile had a premonition of the Final Days befalling Sharlayan as she waited with everyone, but was interrupted by the surprise arrival of Zenos, who demanded to know the location of the Warrior of Light. Krile made a hard decision, and bargained with the exiled prince to make use of his abilities to aid the Scions, allowing him access to the remains of the Mothercrystal to transform into Shinryu once more and follow Ragnarok's path.

She was present in Sharlayan alongside Tataru as they welcomed the returning Ragnarok and Scions, triumphant in their mission. After the Final Days' aversion, Krile elected to begin the rebuilding of the Students of Baldesion in earnest, and was joined by G'raha Tia.



Krile in a cutscene.

Krile is a Lalafell with light blue eyes and long brown hair tied in a high ponytail. She wears a unique White Mage robe with large animal ears that are considered symbols of the Echo. Her robe is based on her Final Fantasy V namesake's White Mage appearance FFV Krile White Mage iOS.


Krile is kind and intelligent, and highly knowledgeable in a number of fields. She can read people and enjoys teasing others. She brings up Alphinaud Leveilleur's past to embarrass him, notes Thancred Waters's affection for Minfilia, tricks Unukalhai into dropping his stoic facade, and likens Y'shtola Rhul to her master, Matoya, which annoys the usually calm Miqo'te. Nonetheless, Krile cares for her friends deeply, working tirelessly to aid them. She is quick to apologize to Thancred and Unukalhai for her probing when they seem to take offense, explaining she only does this to get a better sense of her companions' personalities and motivations, so that it is easier to trust them.

Krile was Alphinaud's mentor in the Sharlayan Academy, and though she teases him, she does think fondly of him and approves of how he has matured, knowing he'd come rescue her if she were in danger. She has a great deal of patience and a level head, but on rare occasions can lose her cool and even the Warrior of Light is not beyond her scolding.

Krile holds misgivings towards the nation of Sharlayan and its policy of non-intervention, finding the Forum's refusal to aid the Eorzean nations during the Umbral Calamity and its mass exodus following the Empire's conquest to be their most shameful acts. In contrast, she holds her grandfather Galuf in the highest esteem, safeguarding his legacy being her primary concern. She was incensed when a Forum member denounced her for her association with the Scions and claimed that Galuf would be ashamed of her; Krile argued her grandfather had wished to protect the world and his fellow man.

Behind the scenes[]

Krile's design is based on Krile Mayer Baldesion, the playable character from Final Fantasy V. Krile's name in Japanese is "Kururu" (fitting Lalafellin naming conventions). In the English script, she admits that "Krile" wasn't her original given name. When she reveals she has the Echo, she notes that while it grants her the ability to understand all languages, contrary to what some believe this does not extend to understanding animals. Krile in Final Fantasy V can converse with animals. As revealed in an Echo vision in the Forbidden Land of Eureka Anemos, Krile is the granddaughter of a partially seen character named Galuf Mayer Baldesion, who founded the self-named organization of the Students of Baldesion. The Krile of Final Fantasy V also has a grandfather named Galuf.

Krile healing Y'shtola with her white magic.

Krile is host to one of the few moments where the Warrior of Light's class affects the outcome, specifically healing Y'shtola. If the Warrior of Light is not a healing class during that cutscene, they will ask to help hold her down. However, if they are a healing class she scolds them for standing about and asks them to help heal her.



Krile is usually a family name believed to be of Norman origin brought to England when its forebearers conquered the country in the 11th century, though a clear meaning remains unknown. Her Japanese name is Kururu. Kuru kuru is the Japanese onomatopoeia for spinning or twirling.

Mayer is an alternate spelling of the German name Meyer or Meier, which in turn comes from the Hebrew me'ír, or "illuminating".

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