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Kraken is a boss in Final Fantasy III, fought in the Cave of Tides. Kraken is sent by Xande to procure the powers of the Water Crystal. It attempts to attack Luneth, but Aria stands in its way, sacrificing herself to save him. Kraken attacks the Warriors of Light, but is defeated.


Battle Edit

NES version Edit

Kraken has access to Fire2, Ice2, and Bolt2, which deal very high damage to the party (maximum above 700). The party should use strong physical attacks or high-level magic.

Remake version Edit

Kraken can attack twice in a row with either a strong physical attack, Blizzara on one or all party members, or Blind on one or all party members.

It is recommended to have a Scholar use Zeus's Wrath or Heavenly Wrath items while a Red or Black Mage constantly uses Thundara. If the player picked up the Blizzaga spell earlier in the cave, they should use it as well. One party member should constantly cast Cura/Cure.

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Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

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Etymology Edit

The Kraken were giant sea monsters, found in Norse and Icelandic mythology. Often depicted as gigantic octopuses or squids, they were thought to rise up from the deeps, grappling and then sinking small ships. Other myths held that the greatest dangers from the Kraken were the whirlpools left behind from their descent back into the deeps.

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