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Kotokaze Benitoki is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. She is the bartender of the Shiokaze Hostelry in Kugane.


Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

After the Warrior of Light and Lyse arrive in Kugane, they enter the Shiokaze Hostelry and begin asking around for Yuguri and Gosetsu. She tells them the way of how things work in Hingashi and that if anyone asks about them she will tell them wither they are friend or foe. Lyse accepts and Kotokaze tells them where their friends were headed.



Kotokaze is a Midlander hyur with black hair that is cut in half, she has an eyepatch on one eye, and wears a green kimono.


due to being a bartender of the Shikaze Hostelry she hears all kinds of gossip and information and tends to eavesdrop on conversations. She may overshare at times and realize she says too much.


Triple Triad[]

Kotokaze is a NPC available for Triple Triad matches added in patch 4.0. She is located at the Kugane (10.2, 10.1). To challenge her the player needs to complete the Main Scenario Quest By the Grace of Lord Lolorito By the Grace of Lord Lolorito.

The match fee is 15 MGP with a reward of 25 MGP for winning. She uses the Match Rule Same. The possible reward for defeating her is Kotokaze Card Kotokaze Card.

Kotokaze Card
Kotokaze Triple Triad Card.png
Card No. 164
Total stats 19
Type None
Description “We would welcome your custom, miss.”
Obtain Won from Kotokaze, Kugane (10.2, 10.1).