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All right, ladies! Line up in front of the Don!


Kotch is one of Don Corneo's henchmen in Final Fantasy VII. He is the one who orders Cloud, Tifa and Aeris to line up in front of Don Corneo. If Corneo picks Tifa as his date, the player goes down to the dungeon to see Kotch chasing Aeris in circles, but Aeris handles the situation alone and kicks Kotch down the stairs. If Aeris is chosen as Don's date, Kotch is found down in the dungeon, knocked out by Tifa.

Later on the player has the option to return to Don's Mansion in Wall Market. The mansion will be completely empty except for the dungeon room where the player will discover Kotch tied to a table and will be given the option to help him. If the player helps him, Kotch will explain that Shinra agents came and took the Don somewhere because of his failure.

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