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Kotch is a minor supporting antagonist in Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake. He is one of Don Corneo’s henchmen in the Wall Market district of Sector 6 and seems to hold a high rank.


Original continuity[]

During "To Corneo Hall", Kotch and Scotch watched as Don Corneo auditioned a crossdressing Cloud alongside Aerith and Tifa. Once his choice was made, the don told his henchmen they could have the others, who thanked him with a salute.[1]

If Corneo selected Tifa, Kotch would escort Aerith to the dungeon. He chased her around the room and once Cloud arrived to rescue her, Aerith apologetically pushed Kotch down the stairs, knocking him out.[1]

If Corneo selected Aerith, Kotch escorted Tifa to the dungeon only to be knocked out. When Cloud entered, a half-conscious Kotch mumbled that he wanted do something just once, promised not to tell anyone, and lamented that he only wanted to act like he had a "cute girl".[1]

After returning to Wall Market, Cloud's party found Kotch chained in the torture room of Corneo's mansion. He begged to be freed, saying he was only "following the don's orders". Once they obliged Kotch informed them of Shinra's raid on the mansion, in which they mentioned "leaked information", called him "good for nothing", and had hauled Corneo away.[2]

Remake continuity[]

FFVIIR Kotch and Scotch

Kotch and Scotch announcing the Corneo Cup.

During "The Town That Never Sleeps", Kotch and Scotch were the announcers of the Corneo Cup at the Corneo Colosseum. Together, they introduced the tournament and revealed the prize money to be 1,000,000 gil. Throughout the tournament, they egged on the participants and kept the audience hyped and entertained. Upon the defeat of the Hell House, Kotch and Scotch cheerfully announced Cloud and Aerith as the winners.[3]

Kotch gathered a dressed up Cloud alongside Aerith, and Tifa, and brought them to Corneo after they had been subdued with some kind of gas in the basement. He told them to line up and assessed them. Upon seeing Cloud and Aerith, Kotch asked if he'd met them before, but Aerith denied, leaving him confused. He asked if everyone was ready and introduced the candidates to Don Corneo, watching the audition from the sideline.[4]

When Corneo pondered who "today's" bride would be, Aerith was confused and Kotch explained the chosen bride could be "tomorrow's" or the "day after's", if Corneo took a shine to them. Corneo ultimately picked Cloud and told his henchmen the "leftovers" were all theirs, much to Kotch's excitement. He escorted Tifa and Aerith to the next room to a group of henchmen. Kotch said the girls were a courteous gift from the don, reminded them that "the don provides", and left.[4]

Kotch in bondage from FFVII Remake

Cloud's party finds Kotch in chains.

During "In Search of Hope", gossiping townsfolk wondered who would lead Wall Market in Corneo's absence, suggesting Kotch or Scotch as potential options.[5] When Cloud's party returned to Corneo's mansion, they heard someone yelling for help and found Kotch chained in the dungeon. He initially greeted them with hostility, but quickly changed his attitude and asked to be freed. Kotch informed them that Shinra had raided Corneo's mansion, accused him of leaking information, called him "useless", and chained him up. He thanked Cloud's party and ran away.[6]

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Field model in Final Fantasy VII.

Kotch is a man with a slim and muscular build. He has dark skin, tall blond hair styled in a mohawk, and brown eyes hidden beneath a pair of sunglasses. He wears an unzipped red puffer vest, a black studded belt, blue jeans, and tall brown boots. He also wears a brown glove, a brown wristband, and a gold chain.


Kotch is an obedient and somewhat hot-headed henchman to Don Corneo, carrying out orders without hesitation.[1] He is enthusiastic and energetic, relishing at the matches taking place at the local colosseum.[3] He loves beautiful women, made evident when he checks out Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith before their audition.[1][4] He is also a coward, begging for anyone's help after being restrained in the dungeon of Corneo’s mansion following Shinra Electric Power Company's ransacking.[2]