Koring Band against Clan Nutsy.

Refreshing wood filled with ambient pure magic.


The Koringwood (コリング緑林, Koringu Ryokurin?) is a forest location in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It is playable after completing "Mission #008: Hot Awakening" and is the site of "Mission #009: Magic Wood". In this mission, Marche confronts a band of loggers that are illegally cutting down the magic trees in the wood. The Koringwood is also the site of "Mission #032: Tower Ruins", "Mission #048: S.O.S", and "Mission #079: Wind Sigil". It can be freed in "Mission #247: Travel Aid" after "Mission #011: Pale Company" is completed.

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Koring Band[edit | edit source]

Mountain bandit band based in Koringwood. Self-sufficient due to hunting and gathering.


Turf Defense[edit | edit source]

Help Koring![edit | edit source]

  • Animist
  • Archer
  • Bishop
  • White Mage

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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