The Komodo Trader is a Soldier in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. He is a traveling merchant from the Komodo Trading Company. He tends to be a crybaby, has low self-confidence, but otherwise always obeys the Company's orders.

He calls upon Clan Gully three times: once to protect him from traveling adventurers seeking his potions, another to recover his lost potions, and the last to protect him from the Company's rivals in Moorabella, of Badd Potions. Upon the last request, he gives the clan a Wyrmtwig. In all three missions, the Komodo Trader asks his younger sister (who is obviously not there at the time) to tell their mother that he loves her in a comedic fashion, thinking that he is going to perish in the next ensuing battle.

Another mission which involves protecting a tree, shows that the Komodo Trader's name is Calvin and he has always been shorter than his younger sister Celestine, because the tree has been marked to shows how both of them have grown. In addition, the Komodo Trader shows up in several missions involving Prima Donna as a die hard fan, yet he has no speaking role in these missions.

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