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"Kokoro no Takarabako" (心のたからばこ, The Heart's Treasure Chest?) is the ending theme for Chocobo Racing. The thirtieth track in the original soundtrack, the music was written by Kenji Ito, with arrangements by Shirō Hamaguchi. The Japanese lyrics are written by Takashi Tokita, and sung by Hiromi Ohta alongside the Suzukake Children's Choir.

"Diamonds in My Heart" is the English version counterpart. It is sung by Vicki Bell.



忘れないでね 僕と遊んだ日
Wasurenai de ne, boku to asonda hi
Nagai michi wo doko made mo itta yo ne
走り疲れて 転んだときは
Hashiri tsukarete koronda toki wa
Kimi ga itsu demo chikara dzuketekureta
一緒にいつまでも 走り続けていた
Issho ni itsu made mo, hashiri tsudzuketeita
お腹がすいて 帰る事も忘れて
Onaka ga suite, kaeru koto mo wasurete
Minna de itsu made mo asonde irareru to
Shinjiteta ano hi ni mata kaeritai
覚えてるかな 君と出会った日
Oboeteru ka na, kimi to deatta hi
君は一人 つまらなそうにしてた
Kimi wa hitori, tsumarana sou ni shiteta
声をかけると うつむきながら
Koe wo kakeru to utsumuki nagara
恥ずかしそうに 笑顔見せてくれた
Hazukashi sou ni egao misetekureta
一緒に走り出し 心はずませてた
Issho ni hashiri dashi, kokoro hazumaseteta
これから何か 始まる事夢見て
Kore kara nani ka hajimaru koto yume mite
Minna de itsu made mo asonde irareru to
思ってたあの日に また戻ろうよ
Omotteta ano hi ni mata modorou yo
そよ 風 青空 友達
Soyokaze, ao sora, tomodachi
Minna no egao sono mama ni kokoro no takarabako ni irete
Boku ga ima mo hitori hashiri tsudzuketeiru
Ano koro no yume wasureru koto dekizu ni
どこかで出会えたら 同じ笑顔見せて
Doko ka de deaetara, onaji egao misete
Shinjiteta ashita e mata ha Shirōu yo


Don't forget them, the days you played with me
We followed the long roads on to forever
And when, tired from running, we fell
You always encouraged me
I want to keep running together forever
And forget about hunger, forget about going home
If we all could keep playing forevermore
I'd want to return to that day I believed in
Do you remember the day we met?
You were alone and looking bored
When I called out to you, looking down
You shyly showed me your smiling face
We ran out together and made our hearts burst
I dream that something's beginning from now on
If we could all keep playing forevermore
We'll go back again to that day we've thought about
The gentle wind, the blue sky, my friends
With everyone's smiles just the same, I put them into my heart's treasure chest
Even now I keep running alone
Unable to forget the dreams of those days
If we should meet somewhere, show me that same smile
And let's run again to the tomorrow we believed in

"Diamonds in My Heart"[]

Do you remember the days when we had a long long way to go
And you were there for me, as I was there for you to be around
The sun was shining brightly down on us so gently
That we thought we could go on for as long and as far as we pleased
Hand in hand, forever and far more, we would run, we'd never have enough
Didn’t even need know if it was time to eat or time to sleep
On and on, the hours tick away so the memories can go astray
How I miss the days of golden sun; and please, I'd rather be with you
I still remember the days when we had a long long time to share
That's when I saw you there, looking as tired as I used to be
"Hello", I said unsurely; you smiled a little shyly
Soon we knew we would go on together on a journey to our dreams
Hand in hand, forever and far more, we would run, we'd never have enough
Didn't even care to ask how far away from home we'd have to go
On and on, the hours tick away, so the memories can go astray
Oh I miss the never-ending road, and sure, I'd rather be with you
Sweet summer breeze, or autumn leaves
Blue winter sky, and blooming flowers of spring
Friends, and their laughter precious
And then, let all shine like diamonds in my heart
All alone, I'm here to find the way to the dreams we used to have before
And I long to see again your smiling face along the way somewhere
You hear me calling out your name and you see the meaning of it all
Come and join me on this race again; you know, tomorrow we'll be there