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Kokkol's Forge, also known as Kokkol's Smithy, is a location in Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Located in the south-east of the Underworld, it was cut off from the rest of the populace of the Underground by magma.

Kokkol lived in the smithy with his employees and remade weapons until his drive to forge them gave out. After Cecil brings Kokkol Adamantite, the smithy goes back into business and items are sold there afterward. Items can be bought from the dwarf behind the counter.

In Rydia's Tale in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, the player can trade Kokkol Ore found throughout the tale with other weapons for stronger weapons, some of which cannot be acquired elsewhere in Rydia's or anyone else's tale. There are twelve Kokkol Ore scattered throughout the various areas that can be visited in the Tale, so the player must choose what to trade it for wisely.


Eidolon search sidequest[]

In the mobile versions of Final Fantasy IV, the player can embark on a quest to find eidolons scattered around the world. The fifth eidolon is found in the entrance of Kokkol's Forge, and had a sword made.


Final Fantasy IV[]

Item Price
Yoichi Arrows 140 GP 140 gil 30,000 gil
Shuriken 20,000 GP 20,000 gil 650 gil
Fuma Shuriken 50,000 GP 50,000 gil 50,000 gil

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

Weapon Trade
Knife Kokkol Ore
Mythril Knife Knife
Kokkol Ore x2
Dancing Dagger Dagger
Kokkol Ore x3
Hammer Kokkol Ore
Battle Axe Crescent Axe
Kokkol Ore x3
Mythril Hammer Hammer
Kokkol Ore x4
Tomahawk Battle Axe
Kokkol Ore x4


Final Fantasy IV[]

A single treasure chest is in a hidden passage on the right side of the wall of the first floor. This only appears in the SNES versions, and does not appear in later versions.

  • Remedy
  • Hi-Potion
  • Soma Drop
  • Excalibur
  • 1000 gil (secret passage)

Musical themes[]

The background music that plays at Kokkol's Forge is the Final Fantasy IV "Town Theme".