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So now Central Command is sending cadets into battle? I don't know about you, but I came here to become Agito, not to be tossed around as one of their weapons of war.


Koharu is a non-player character from Final Fantasy Type-0. She is an Agito Cadet from Class Seventh of Akademeia and was Rem Tokimiya's classmate before Rem joins Class Zero.



Koharu has short brown hair. As a Class Seventh cadet, she wears Akademeia uniform and pink mantle. Koharu's variation on the Akademeia uniform are knee-high stockings.


Koharu is independent, and doesn't fear speaking her mind even if it goes against the grain. She detests the idea herself and her fellow cadets are being used in the war to fight for the Dominion of Rubrum.


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Koharu delivers the Summoning Permit to Rem.

After Aqvi and Corsi have been liberated from imperial occupation, Koharu can be met at the Ready Room where she will talk about how she disagrees with the Rubrum policies to use the cadets of Akademeia as tools in wars. She thinks the cadets should protect the whole Orience instead of just one nation.

Jack from Class Zero appears attracted to her, calling her a "cutie", but in the next breath describing her as someone "who looks like she could snap your spine in two like a toothpick." He says she is nicer than she looks and that she volunteers to march so that other kids don't have to, saying she has a smile that "can melt you into a babbling puddle of flan."

During The Capture of Togoreth Stronghold, Koharu is deployed to deliver the Summoning Permit to Class Zero cadets. A group of enemies ambushes her and Koharu is killed. Dominion legionaries recover her body and ensure she gets a proper burial, but the Vermilion Bird Crystal erases all memories of her from the minds of the living. The Class Seventh CO informs his class of Koharu's death, but none of her former classmates remember her.

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During The Capture of Togoreth Stronghold mission, the player can get some items in relation to Koharu. She is found in Sample Depository and gives Class Zero a summoning permit. If the cadets visit First Laboratory the first chance they get (before heading to Central Dynamo) there is a cadet sitting on the floor who asks Class Zero about Koharu. If the class tells him she is fine, they get a Knowing Tag. If the Class Zero tells him she died, he gives them a Mega-Potion. If the cadets return to Sample Depository after activating the Central Dynamo, they find dominion legionaries gathering around Koharu and one of them gives an item when spoken to, either a Hi-Potion or an Ether.


Koharu (小春?) is a feminine Japanese given name meaning "little spring time" or "heart of spring time".