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A mimic that brings a whole new meaning to the term "hair metal." When she—is it a she?!—visits the salon, her beautician doesn't use cutters—he uses a blowtorch.

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Kobold Mimic is an enemy in World of Final Fantasy that can be fought after acquiring a Coliseum Ticket through DLC. In the standalone version of World of Final Fantasy Maxima, this Coliseum Ticket is already available.

Kobold Mimic is fought in the "This Chest Ain't Pretendin'" match at the Coliseum.


Base Stats Edit

Encounter Stats Edit

The Coliseum Edit


Location Formation
The Coliseum - This Chest Ain't Pretendin' Kobold Mimic x3

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The kobold (occasionally cobold) is a sprite stemming from Germanic mythology and surviving into modern times in German folklore. Although usually invisible, a kobold can materialise in the form of an animal, fire, a human being, and a candle.

Mimic is the process of observing and replicating another's behavior, also called imitation.

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