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Respected for his brilliant mind and practical attitude, this adoptive son of Tuliyollal's ruling family hopes to usher his home into a new age of prosperity. It remains to be seen if technology and innovation will prove sufficient allies to overcome his fellow claimants in the rite of succession.

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Koana is a character in Final Fantasy XIV. He is the adoptive son of Gulool Ja Ja and brother of Wuk Lamat and Zoraal Ja.


Before Dawntrail[]

Before being adopted by Gulool Ja Ja, Koana belonged to a tribe of Hhetsarro who still clung to their traditional way of life, migrating across the vast open plains of Shaaloani. However one day he was simply left behind, and didn't know why. He would eventually find his way to Tuliyollal, where he was taken in by the Dawnservant as a son.

Koana studied at the Studium in Sharlayan. He had arranged with the head of the Studium to keep his identity as a prince of Tural a secret, and on one occasion when he let the secret slip he was bombarded with questions about his homeland. According to Wuk Lamat, once he returned home he spoke highly of all the technological advancements he saw while in Sharlayan.

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail[]

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When Koana joined the competition for the throne of Tuliyollal, he asked Urianger and Thancred to help him.




At first, Koana appears dignified, stoic and academic but holds a strong drive to help his homeland of Tural through the innovations he had learned during his time studying in Sharlayan. However, his tendency to be aloof with everyone makes him appear detached and overly serious. Even with those who praise his accomplishments, Koana is stated to be practical to a fault. On the downside, this leaves Koana with very few friends but its shown that he does care for his adoptive siblings and father greatly.

His motivation to become the next Dawnservant is mainly to improve the livelihood of his homeland but while a noble goal, it often goes against many of the traditions the Turalli have developed. In fact, Koana possess an aversion to tradition in general, believing that they impede progress. While his innovations earned him the support of various businesses and youths, the elders are put off by his disregard for tradition. In truth, Koana's aversion to tradition is rooted in his past, being part of a nomadic tribe that constantly migrated but was left behind to die as his tribe moved on, leaving Koana abandoned, using tradition as justification. Its because of this, Koana despises traditions being followed simplely for sake of them.

Koana may have the best of intentions in using his innovations to better the lives of his people but his disregard for his people's ways, comes off as dis-spiriting, caring more about his goals rather than his people's cultural identity. During the Feat of Repast, Wuk Evu's praise for Wuk Lamat's interest in her people's cultures and sheer love for her people strikes a chord with Koana, who can't deny that Wuk Lamat's compassion for the people of Tural is without equal. Learning that his adoptive father was responsible for many of the traditions Koana despised as outdated and unnecessary forces Koana to reflect on their value even if foreign innovations appear more efficient solutions to Tural's problems. It is this realization that causes Koana to understand that he is unworthy of being Dawnservant, forfeiting his chance for the throne to help Wuk Lamat's bid, believing her to be the best candidate over Zoraal's Ja's warmongering and Bakool Ja Ja's vanity.