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Knights of the Crystals was a social network game made by Square Enix for GREE-enabled mobile phones in Japan and Facebook internationally. Like Crystal Defenders, it featured character job classes of the Final Fantasy series (such as Paladin, Dragoons, etc.) as well as its aesthetics, even though it was not formally released as a Final Fantasy title.

The app went through several changes since its inception on Facebook. In the beginning, players collected treasures on different worlds to obtain a Spirit that enables access to job classes. This was replaced with the Job Card System on March 7, 2011. A Battle Arena was introduced two months later for players to engage each other and test their characters' strength. In August, the system introduced Final Fantasy Tactics-themed job cards and Battle Arena. On December 20, 2011, the service's closure was announced and all sales of its in-game coin system was suspended. The app discontinued on February 29, 2012.


A boss battle.

There were two modes: Fight and Quest. Fighting allowed the player to attack other players using Battle Power to earn EXP and gold pieces. Battle Power regenerated once every five minutes.

Questing allowed the player to use Action Power to partake in set quests, which earned the player EXP, gold pieces and occasionally items to assist the player in fighting. Action Power also regenerated once every five minutes, but could be fully recovered through the use of an ActionPower Pack given by a friend. Both Battle Power and Action Power fully recovered on each subsequent level up.

Players also had the choice of purchasing Square Enix Social Coins to buy stronger items in-game and to try their luck on Fortune Boxes, which held even stronger, rare items and the occasional legendary job class.


Paladin job class.

Players selected classes/jobs that provide ATK and DEF points to their player character, as well as extra class bonuses. At first, each class was accessible after obtaining a spirit from collecting certain treasures, and the player could change his/her class every 24 hours.

Since an update, jobs matching former classes were accessible via the job box, and the active job could be changed at will.


Quest menu.

Advancing the world map required players to undergo quests. A staple element of the Final Fantasy series, quests required an amount of Action Power (AP) and pieces of equipment before they could be completed. There were also boss battles that involved the player and their social network friends.

Allusions to Final Fantasy[]

There were multiple references to the Final Fantasy series in the game. The job classes included the series staples Warrior, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, Dark Knight and Dragoon, among others. Some of the monsters fought during the quests looked very similar to their counterparts in the series, such as the Lamia and the Imp. Also, some of the bosses summon the classic summons Ifrit, Shiva and Bahamut.