Steiner and two of his Knights.

The Knights of Pluto is a humorously inept group of nine knights led by Adelbert Steiner in Final Fantasy IX. They were originally charged with the protection of Queen Brahne and Princess Garnet, but they were discharged when Steiner left with Zidane's group. They were quickly replaced by General Beatrix and her Alexandrian Soldiers.

The Knights

  • Captain Adelbert Steiner
  • Blutzen, Pluto Knight II - The first super sleuth, was ambushed by Blank and Zidane and his armor was stolen
  • Kohel, Pluto Knight III - The second super sleuth, was ambushed by Blank and Zidane and his armor was stolen
  • Laudo, Pluto Knight IV - The Writer, found in the library
  • Dojebon, Pluto Knight V - The Artilleryman, a bit of a klutz, he runs straight into Steiner at one point
  • Brereicht, Pluto Knight VI - The knight who is exercising in the left tower, he knows all the knights and what they do best
  • Weimar, Pluto Knight VII - The Knight who knows the names of all the girls in town
  • Haagen, Pluto Knight VIII - The Navigator, found dipping his feet in the canal in the courtyard
  • Mullenkedheim, Pluto Knight IX - The Cannonball expert, found hungry in the banquet hall
  • Unnamed Ninth Pluto Knight - found near the right-hand gate

Defense of Alexandria

When Bahamut attacks Alexandria on disc 3 Garnet gives orders to the Knights of Pluto. Their past ineptitude has completely vanished replaced by the passion they have to defend their home. The Knights personalities will be a key factor in the completion of the tasks they are assigned.

  • Weimar and Haagen are more suited for the Protect the Townspeople task
  • Breireicht and Laudo should be the ones for the Contact Lindblum task
  • Blutzen and Kohel are the simple choices for the Gather Information task
  • Mullenkedheim and Dojebon have the skills needed for the Fire the cannons task

If the player assigns all the jobs correctly, they will receive Angel Earrings. Otherwise the reward is just either an Ether or Hi-potion or Elixir.


Haagen and Weimar are fought alongside Steiner on the Prima Vista.


The Knights of Pluto bear other names in the German version, most of them resembling cities:

  • Brereicht - Bayreuth
  • Haagen - Hagen
  • Kohel - Kochel
  • Laudo - Lauda
  • Mullenkedheim - Märchenheim
  • Dojebon - Shanel
  • Blutzen - Marktwart
  • Weimar - Weimar


In lieu of the fact Final Fantasy IX is the ninth game in the series, there are nine members of the Knights of Pluto; even more subtle is the fact that Pluto (at the time of the game's release) was the ninth planet from the Sun until demoted to a dwarf planet.


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