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Knight's Honor is a time-limited event where Agrias from Final Fantasy Tactics can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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A Knight's Duty:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

  • Agrias: Is this region, too, without so much as a village? And this is not the time for me to tarry.

(Agrias sees the Onion Knight run by)

  • Agrias: Was that...a knight? But under whose flag?

(The Warrior of Light and Steiner run by, but Steiner is stopped)

  • Agrias: Stay; what is this? Is there to be a battle?
  • Steiner: Wha—? You—!? No, my mistake! Forgive me, but I must find my comrades! They have been surrounded by monsters!
  • Agrias: Monsters? Then I shall aid you! Lead the way!

(Agrias and Steiner run off)

  • Onion Knight: That takes care of that. Thanks for holding out, Shadow.
  • Shadow: I wasn't about to leave a child behind... More importantly, here's a new face.
  • Agrias: I am Agrias Oaks, a knight of the Lionsguard.
  • Shadow: Ah, a knight. That explains your composure in battle. ...Not your first.
  • Steiner: This gentlewoman recognized our distress and came to our rescue!
  • Onion Knight: That's mighty noble of you to assist complete strangers.
  • Agrias: I could not let your plight go unheeded. Also, there is something I would ask you.
  • Warrior of Light: Please. We will do what we can to help.
  • Agrias: Are there no villages in the vicinity? This land is unknown to me, and I am without supplies.
  • Warrior of Light: You seek a village...
  • Agrias: Also, your armor is of a motley sort. Am I correct to assume you do not belong to any knightly order?
  • Steiner: Our providence is varied, but the strength of our wills has gathered us to fight together.
  • Agrias: I see. So you are a variegated unit formed for the purpose of suppressing fiends.
  • Warrior of Light: No, it is not only fiends with which we do battle. We fight under the goddess.
  • Agrias: ...Goddess?
  • Warrior of Light: Correct. We were all summoned here from different worlds, and are now comrades-in-arms.
  • Agrias: Different worlds...? What is this nonsense you speak?
  • Shadow: Heh. You've confused her.
  • Onion Knight: Ahh, we better start at the top. I'm for having her join us. What do the rest of you say?

(The Warrior of Light and Steiner nod)

  • Onion Knight: Follow us back to camp. We'll explain on the way, and you can eat there, too.
  • Agrias: ...Very well.
  • Steiner: You can trust us, Lady Agrias! Let us walk together!
Justice for Whom:
  • Ramza: Lady Agrias!?

(Ramza reaches the rest of the party)

  • Agrias: Ramza! You are here!
  • Ramza: I am glad to see you well!
  • Galuf: So you know each other? That's a relief.
  • Ramza: She is a capable and reliable ally! With her among our ranks—
  • Agrias: I have yet to say I would join you.
  • Thancred: Worried about unfinished business back home? That's understandable.
  • Agrias: To think even now how their schemes may be running their course...!
  • Laguna: Now, now, Ramza just got carried away because he was happy to see you.
  • Ramza: Carried away...?
  • Ramza: If you were to lend us your aid, though, certainly salvation would be within our reach.
  • Agrias: ...Salvation?
  • Ramza: The disturbances in this world bear an effect on ours. Have you already heard from the others?
  • Agrias: I have...
  • Agrias: A tale hard to believe, but from appearances, such may very well be the case.
  • Thancred: Everyone's world is in danger lest we do something to right this one...or so the story goes.
  • Ramza: We must unravel the mystery of these disturbances and return the world to order. This fight is ours as well.
  • Agrias: Ramza, tell me for what it is you are fighting.
  • Agrias: From my understanding, here there are no peoples oppressed or victimized.
  • Agrias: What reason have you to fight here? What is there to save that is worth putting our world aside?
  • Ramza: Just as I met you in our world, I have gained many comrades in this world as well.
  • Ramza: Saving this world means saving theirs...
  • Ramza: I cannot simply put mine own needs above that of my comrades!
  • Galuf: You're a stouthearted friend, but you'd do well to relax some!
  • Ramza: Forgive me...but I have said my piece.
  • Ramza: Our world is important, but I cannot leave the others' in danger...!
  • Laguna: Ramza! I never knew that's how you felt! Man, I am touched!
  • Agrias: ...For your comrades' sake. No matter where, you still fight for others.
  • Agrias: Ever unswerving, you...
  • Agrias: Very well. Allow me to join you.
  • Ramza: Truly!?
  • Agrias: I previously placed my trust in you, and now I shall place it in your sense of justice.
  • Agrias: You prove again to be an irreplaceable ally to me.
In What Place Loyalty:
  • Cyan: ...And so Lady Agrias has joined us. Thou said thou art a knight?
  • Agrias: Yes, sworn to the crown back in my world.
  • Balthier: You look the capable one. I suppose you've spent your fair share on the battlefield.
  • Agrias: Naturally I have drawn my sword more than once, but I am now the princess's guard.
  • Cyan: Lord Cecil is a knight as well. Perhaps thou may have common stories to share.
  • Cecil: Yes, we may both be knights...but to be honest, I am somewhat envious of Agrias.
  • Balthier: Don't tell me you wish you could protect a princess, too. I hadn't pegged you for japery.
  • Cecil: Please do not tease me. ...No, it is not that.
  • Cecil: Though I was sworn to my liege, I left his side...
  • Cyan: But not without reason, no?
  • Cecil: Mine was a fine lord, but at some point, he strayed from the path of righteousness, which I could not abide.
  • Squall: He breached his contract with you. What's there to regret?
  • Agrias: I understand, Ser Cecil. Surely you were conflicted.
  • Cecil: Thank you... He raised me as his own.
  • Cyan: That...must be agonizing for thou...
  • Cecil: I still think, if I was that close to him, should not there have been something I could have done?
  • Balthier: That doesn't make it your responsibility. People change. You can't stop that, even if it's your own flesh and blood.
  • Agrias: I was also betrayed many times by those upon whom I depended...
  • Agrias: Man is soon to drown in desire, and sully his hands for its sake...
  • Agrias: Those who can control themselves and adhere to justice are but a handful...
  • Agrias: For that reason, Ser Cecil, you served as a loyal retainer.
  • Squall: ...You mean to say, loyalty isn't just following orders.
  • Agrias: Should our masters fall to evil ways, it is our duty to chastise them a thousand times till they are right again...
  • Agrias: ...And if that loyalty falls on deaf ears?
  • Agrias: All the more for your familial bonds, your disaffection should carry far more weight than words.
  • Agrias: How heavy a blow it may be, your liege should come to understand it by degrees.
  • Cyan: Hear, hear, Lady Agrias. Lord Cecil was ne'er in the wrong!
  • Squall: Yeah... Abandoning thought to just carry out your duty is the same as abandoning your humanity.
  • Squall: You're not a tool or a machine...
  • Cecil: I thought I can never face him again...
  • Agrias: You need not waver from your sense of justice. Carry it with pride.
  • Cecil: I will. ...When I return, I will venture to meet him again.
  • Balthier: ...There's no guarantee it will turn out well, though.
  • Cecil: Thank you for your concern.
  • Cecil: ...But do not worry. I have a little more faith in myself now.
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