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There is always going to be fear and anxiety in our lives, no matter what, but our hearts can conquer fear; and that is when the light of our lives really starts to shine. That is the source of our strength and power.


Knave is a minor character of Final Fantasy: Unlimited. He is the leader of the Comodeen, the rebel faction against Earl Tyrant.


Despite his calm and confident demeanor, his is largely a clouts; often being corrected by others or general acting as comic relief. He is seen to be afraid of frogs, even jumping into an open corridor on the submarine, Jane, naked at the sight of one in his shower. He has a romantic tendency, as seen when he flirts with Lisa at any given opportunity, but is unsuccessful in this regard.


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Ai Hayakawa, Yu Hayakawa, and Lisa Pacifist stumbled upon Knave and his organization whilst chasing Fungo. He introduced himself to the trio and explains that the Comodeen are attempting to restore order to Wonderland. While the group decide to remain with the Comodeen for a time, Makenshi appears shortly after and battles Kaze, forcing him to flee along with the Comodeen.

Little of him is seen in the first half, but he is seen almost ever episode after Lisa, Ai, Yu and Kaze board Jane, as he acts as the captain for the ship, giving orders to Cid, the pilot of the ship. He still takes the main role of comic relief, but now becomes important towards the plot of the series, often commanding the Comodeen in their various actions.

When Jane is attacked by Chaos, it first seems that he is killed, but this is proven to not be the case; he is aboard the airship Silvia as they arrive to rescue the stranded Lisa, Ai, Yu, Joe and Maria.

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A knave is defined as an unprincipled, untrustworthy, or dishonest person. While these traits may not seem befitting of one such as Knave, this could be interpreted as Earl Tyrant's views on the man.

His Japanese name is pronounced closer to the English word "nerve", which may be allude to him "having nerve"/boldness.