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Klikk is a boss in Final Fantasy X, fought early in the game when Tidus is trapped in the Submerged Ruins, later identified as Baaj. It shares its model with the Epaaj, Machea, and Espada.



This boss battle is the first battle to yield AP and gil.

Tidus will seem hopelessly outmatched against the fast-moving fiend, but when its HP drops to half, a group of eccentrically-dressed individuals will bust into the hall and their leader will join the battle. A tutorial begins to explain two special skills available to "????": Steal and Use.

By this time Klikk will have returned to full health, but by having "????" steal and throw Grenades, the battle is easily won. Tidus can now be used to deliver a few sword strikes, an Overdrive if and when one becomes available, and to use a Potion or two if necessary.

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