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Kiss Me Good-Bye a single of the theme to Final Fantasy XII. It includes both English and Japanese versions, sung by Angela Aki. The limited edition includes a DVD with a music video of game scenes and Aki at the piano.

An English version of the single was released on May 16th, 2006, as a digital single under the title "Kiss Me Good-Bye [EP]" in North America through Tofu Records. It includes Angela Aki's version of the Final Fantasy VIII theme song "Eyes on Me".

Track list (Japanese version)[]

  1. Kiss Me Good-Bye (Japanese Version) — 5:13
  2. Santa Fé — 4:59
  3. Blue Shadow — 4:49
    (青い影, Aoi Kage?)
  4. Kiss Me Good-Bye -featured in FINAL FANTASY XII- (bonus) — 4:59

Bonus DVD (limited edition)[]

  • Final Fantasy XII + Angela Aki Collaboration Music Video "Kiss Me Good-Bye".


Kiss Me Good-Bye

  • Lyrics: Angela Aki
  • Music: Nobuo Uematsu
  • Arrange: Motoki Matsuoka, Angela Aki
  • Arrange: Kenichiro Fukui (4)

Santa Fé

  • Lyrics, Music: Angela Aki
  • Arrange: Motoki Matsuoka, Angela Aki

Blue Shadow

  • Lyrics: Keith Reid, Gary Brooker, Matthew Fisher (uncredited)
  • Music: Keith Reid, Gary Brooker
  • Arrange: Motoki Matsuoka, Angela Aki

Track list (NA version)[]

  1. Kiss Me Good-Bye
  2. Santa Fé
  3. Eyes On Me
  4. Kiss Me Good-Bye" (Japanese version)

Sheet music[]

Book cover.

A sheet music book released for the single of "Kiss Me Good-Bye" contains five Pieces arranged by Angela Aki; multiple separate solo piano and vocal accompaniment arrangements of "Kiss Me Good-Bye" and "Eyes on Me".

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