Kisana in the anime.

Kisana (キサナ, Kisana?) is a minor character in Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals. It is a colossal dark sea creature with a large dorsal fin. It is unknown exactly what Kisana is, nor is its relationship with Linaly expanded upon. However, it can be deduced to be form of river guardian looking out for her.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Kisana swimming below the river.

Kisana first appears near the beginning of Episode 1 when Linaly and Hassam take a boat down the river out of town. Hassam complains about Linaly's relationship with Prettz, when Kisana's fin surfaces and swims past. Linaly cheerfully shouts its name as the monster swims off in the opposite direction.

Kisana does not make another appearance until the end of Episode 2. When Prettz destroys Rouge Island in an attempt at killing Ra Devil's minions, he survives and paddles through the water in a large clay pot. Linaly is ecstatic to see he survived and jumps off the deck of Rouge's airship into the water below. Kisana rises from the depths of the ocean underneath Linaly and carries her towards Prettz. Prettz and Linaly return to the Iron Wing and head off to Tycoon, leaving Kisana behind.

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