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We're not here for the booze, are we? We've got a war to fight.

Kiros Seagill

Kiros Seagill is a temporary playable character in Final Fantasy VIII. He fights alongside his friends Laguna and Ward in the Galbadian army and helps Laguna make decisions. He later quits the army with Laguna and Ward.



Kiros is a tall man—standing at 6'4"—with dark brown skin. He sports bead-adorned dreadlocks at the back of an otherwise short-cropped haircut, and wears a gold drop earring with a tassel motif. While in the army he wears the uniform of a Galbadian soldier, but after quitting wears a red bodysuit underneath bronze armor with gold wrist guards.


Kiros has a caring personality and a sharp wit. He is the voice of reason in Laguna's group, always there to at least make an attempt in steering Laguna's AWOL behavior. He is loyal to his friends and is always looking out for their well being. After Ward permanently loses his voice, Kiros still fully understands him.


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Kiros in Raine's bar with Laguna and Ellone.

Kiros is best friends with Laguna and Ward. They were soldiers in the Galbadian army, led by Laguna despite his clumsiness. In the Timber War, the trio made their way through the burning woods to Deling City where Kiros and Ward encouraged Laguna to approach the lounge pianist, Julia Heartilly, and after Laguna's success, informed him they had been deployed to a sudden new mission in Centra. Laguna, Kiros, and Ward became separated on an ill-fated mission to the Centra Excavation Site where Laguna was gravely injured and was left recovering in Winhill, being cared for by a woman called Raine. When Kiros found him six months later, he claimed to have been bored without Laguna and Ward. Kiros helped Laguna on his daily patrols to rid of the monsters around town. When soldiers from Esthar kidnapped Ellone, a young girl Laguna had become acquainted with, Kiros accompanied Laguna and Ward to rescue her.

Laguna, Kiros, and Ward participated in a movie to earn money for their journey to Esthar. Kiros's job was to wear a drahon costume, but they ended up encountering a real Ruby Dragon. Laguna became separated from Kiros and Ward and ended up in Shumi Village where he befriended the locals. After reuniting and finally finding their way to Esthar, they were captured and imprisoned in the Lunatic Pandora Laboratory. They joined a resistance movement, rescued Ellone, and helped contain Sorceress Adel, the nation's tyrannical leader, putting an end to the war between Galbadia and Esthar. Laguna became the president of Esthar, and Kiros and Ward stayed and became his advisers.

Seventeen years later, Kiros accompanies Laguna and a party of SeeDs Esthar has hired to dispose of an evil sorceress from the future. Using the airship Ragnarok they infiltrate the Lunatic Pandora, a weapon of mass destruction now controlled by Galbadia. Kiros hints he is familiar with Squall's (the SeeD group's leader) lineage by mentioning he resembles his mother. After the SeeDs fell Ultimecia, Kiros accompanies Laguna when he visits Raine's grave.

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Character model.

Kiros is playable during dream sequences in Laguna's party. He wields two blades known as Katals, one in each hand. His Limit Break is Blood Pain, which targets a single enemy with six quick attacks. His victory pose appears the same as the Yevon prayer in Final Fantasy X.

His Triple Triad card is obtainable from the Queen of Cards sidequest.

Other appearances[]

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"Kiros" has two likely origins, both ultimately from the same origin.

One possibility is from ኪሮስ, Kiros, the Ge'ez (Ethiopic) form of Cyrus, the name of ancient kings of Persia. Both the Ge'ez form and the Latin Cyrus form come from Ancient Greek Κῦρος, Kûros, which in turn comes from Old Persian 𐎤𐎢𐎽𐎢𐏁, Kuruš, of disputed origin.

Another possibility is that Kiros comes from Modern Greek Κύρος, Kýros [/ˈciɾos/], which descended from the Ancient Greek form.