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The Kingdom of Horne.

The Kingdom of Horne (ホルン国, Horun-kuni?) is a location in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. It is led by King Horne, and his daughters Carino and Aire.


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Brandt's adventure begins in Horne on his fourteenth birthday, the time when it is custom for males to present themselves to King Horne to become a man. At Horne Castle, Brandt is ordered to go find Princess Aire and save her from the Witch of the North. After succeeding in saving Aire, Brandt and the others return to Horne to discover the entire village has been turned to stone and King Horne has gone missing. The party splits up into two groups and try to find a way to save Horne.

After being sent fifteen years into the past, the party goes to Horne on the day Aire is born. The group follows the King and the minister into the Magic Laboratory and discover that King Horne made a deal with Louhi to obtain the ultimate magic in exchange for Aire. After defeating Louhi, the party finds out that King Horne is actually the demon Satan and the real King Horne is actually the parrot in Brandt's house. The party returns to the Magic Laboratory and defeats Satan, returning the kingdom to normal. In the castle, the King thanks the party and gives the party the Desolator Tome.

At the end of their adventure the heroes return to Horne. The King wants Aire to stay at the castle and resume her position as the princess, but Aire resists, reluctant to return to the boring life of royalty. The dragon calls the heroes for another adventure, and as the heroes rush out of the castle, Aire follows telling the King that she is now a Hero of Light and her duty is to protect the world.

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Items (Before Darkness)[]

Item Cost
Potion 20 gil
Torch 10 gil
Dragon Wing 60 gil
Steel Sword 200 gil
Horne's Bow 190 gil
Wood Shield 130 gil

Items (After Darkness)[]

Item Cost
Stormaxe 1,220 gil
Book of Sylph 865 gil
Book of Ramuh 580 gil
Wood Shield 130 gil
Traveler's Garb 150 gil
Shaman Robe 850 gil
Remedy 400 gil
Hi-Potion 40 gil
Dragon Wing 60 gil
Torch 10 gil

Items (After Saving the King)[]

Item Cost
Cyclone Staff 295 gil
Tempest Pike 530 gil
Darksteel Shield 450 gil
Dark Fencer Armor 850 gil
Aero Tome 500 gil
Aerora Tome 1,500 gil
Aeroga Tome 5,000 gil
Shell Tome 1,000 gil
Protect Tome 1,000 gil
Ether 1,000 gil

Multiplayer Prize Shop[]

Item Points
Inferno 5,400
Frost Bull 5,160
Gran Fissure 4,080
Krysta 5,700
Black Sword 9,600
Fencer's Garb 1,000
Warmage Armor 1,000
Ceremonial Robe 1,000
Hero's Will 8,000
Growth Egg 3,000


Horne Village[]

Item Location
Potion Fireplace in Brandt's house.
Potion Wheat field near Brandt's house.
Potion Wheat field near the river bed.
Potion Wooden structure near Storage Shop.
Dragon Wing Blue box in a civilian's house.
Torch Inn's topmost floor.
Dragon Wing Civilian house across from the Item Shop.
Potion Windmill north of town.
Potion Wheat field near item shop.
Hi Ether Locked tower.
X-Potion Locked tower.

Horne Castle[]

Item Location
Wood Shield Right storage room.
Potion Right storage room.
Potion Left storage room.
Soul of Thamasa Horne Castle Dungeon. (Requires Magic Key)
Phoenix Down Lower right sleeping area.
100 Gil Obtained from the King's Minister.
Desolator Tome Speak to King Horne after defeating Satan. (After Darkness Only)

Enemies Outside of Horne[]

Musical themes[]

"Horn, Home of the Wind" (風の故郷ホルン, Kaze no Furusato Horun?) is the location theme for the kingdom. There is also a "nighttime" (, Yoru?) version. Both tracks can be found in the original soundtrack as Tracks 2 and 3 respectively, and are composed by Naoshi Mizuta.