FFXI wiki icon The King of Hearts is the ruler of the Cardians, loyal to the Federation of Windurst in Final Fantasy XI. He is sent to Aht Urhgan with Karababa and Rodin-Comidin as an ambassador, but quickly gets into a verbal, then physical altercation with Mnejing, a Royal Automaton. The issue over which they fight is one of courtesy, and the King of Hearts refuses to endure any real or perceived disrespect from a "soulless puppet". There is a certain comedic aspect to this since both are members of a man-made race.

Quests and MissionsEdit

Involved in Missions
  • Aht Urhgan Mission 19: Sweets for the Soul
  • Aht Urhgan Mission 20: Teahouse Tumult
  • Aht Urhgan Mission 21: Finders Keepers
  • Aht Urhgan Mission 22: Shield of Diplomacy
  • Aht Urhgan Mission 23: Social Graces
  • Aht Urhgan Mission 24: Foiled Ambition
  • Aht Urhgan Mission 39: Allied Rumblings
  • Aht Urhgan Mission 40: Unraveling Reason
  • Aht Urhgan Mission 41: Light of Judgment
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