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The king of Grandshelt is a minor non-player character from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. He is the current monarch of the Kingdom of Grandshelt and the liege of the Royal Guard (otherwise generally known as the "knights of Grandshelt"), including the game's protagonists Rain and Lasswell.


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The ruler of the Grandshelt archipelago, the king resides at Grandshelt Castle, where he is protected – as is the rest of the kingdom's capital – by soldiers, magic knights, archers, and most importantly, the Royal Guard. Among this group of highly-talented knights, the king always trusted Sir Raegen above all others, even years after his mysterious disappearance. Due to this trust, he regards highly Raegen's sons and fellow knights, Rain and Lasswell, and grants them command of the kingdom's airship fleet.

Following the Earth Crystal's shattering, the king is present at his throne when Veritas of the Dark leds an assult on the castle, gravely decimating the troops. He is found unconscious by Rain and Lasswell, who rescue him from the blazing castle. They bring him to the entrance, where Darklord attempts to kill them. However, due to the intervention of Fina (a girl sealed inside a crystal), the king, Rain and Lasswell are saved. After Veritas departs, they realize she has lost her memories. Later, the king consents to Rain and Lasswell leaving to defend the world's remaining crystals from the Sworn Six of Paladia.

The king appears once more towards the ending of Season One, when he is shown alongside Charlotte. Like the rest of the people Rain's party has met, the king prays for their success; these collective prayers of light ultimately reach the party and give them the necessary strength to defeat the Chaotic Darkness – a massive vision formed from the evil that lurks in humanity.

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