The King of Fynn is a non-player character in Final Fantasy II. He is the ruler of Fynn and father of Princess Hilda. He led a resistance force in the city of Fynn against the Empire of Palamecia, however, once Emperor Mateus discovered the resistance, he destroyed the city. The king and others escaped, but he was gravely wounded by an arrow in his back during the attack. Hilda assumed the leadership of the resistance and took the forces to Altair, where the king stays in bed in the rebels' base, being treated by the Mysidian white mage Minwu.

The king's condition worsens after the attack of the Dreadnought and Minwu stays in Altair to treat him. After Firion and his friends destroy the Dreadnought and rescues Hilda alongside Gordon, the king's health degrades. In his last breath, he recognizes how Gordon has changed by giving him control of the rebel army, and asking him to give Hilda full support. The king asks Minwu to travel to Mysidia and seek for the Ultima Tome and for Firion's party, to travel to Deist and search for the dragoons before dying from his injuries.

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