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The King of Fabul rules the Kingdom of Fabul in Final Fantasy IV, known for housing the Crystal of Air. The king was once a great monk before taking the throne. In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years he is known as the Duke Consort.


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The king of Fabul.

Cecil Harvey, Rosa Joanna Farrell, Edward, and Rydia arrive at the castle with Yang, the high monk of Fabul, warning the King that Baron is seeking Fabul's Crystal of Air. The king initially does not believe them, as he does not trust the Dark Knight Cecil. Yang and Edward convince the king Cecil is trustworthy, and the party helps Yang defend the castle against Baron.

The defense effort fails and Golbez steals the Crystal of Air. The king sustained serious injuries, but provides Cecil, Edward, Rydia, and Yang with a ship so they can sneak into Baron. Before they depart, he gives Cecil a sword, the Deathbringer. The king warns Cecil it cannot combat true evil, due to being a sword of darkness.

During the ending, the king has abdicated the throne of Fabul to Yang and become Duke Consort. He is seen reassuring Yang's wife that Yang would make a good king.

During the events of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years he serves to advise Yang.

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