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The otherwise-unnamed King of Concordia is a minor antagonist in Final Fantasy Type-0. He plots to take over the throne, though the Kingdom of Concordia is always traditionally ruled by a queen under the blessing of the Azure Dragon Crystal.



The King of Concordia dresses in a similar manner to other high-ranking Concordians, in a blue kimono-like outfit, except that his kimono sports a collar of black feathers. He wears chest armor, gauntlets, and a construction attached at the waist similar to a dragon's wing. His avian-shaped headdress covers his head and the top half of his face. As a Concordian, he is diminutive in stature in comparison to the citizens of other Crystal-States.


The king is an obstinate and obstreperous man. His Arrogant Highness places his own well-being far above the needs of the people he is supposed to serve.

Despite claiming to work for the good of his country, the King of Concordia is a proud and selfish man, putting his own agenda ahead of the well-being of his country. He speaks with a condescending or insulting tone, and when alarmed his voice becomes high-pitched and hysterical.


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Born into the royal family, the unnamed king was barred from ruling on the basis of his gender. Though he enjoyed luxuries unbeknownst to the populace at large, he dreamed of the day a man would ascend the throne. Queen Andoria ruled without designating a successor due to her magical powers of foresight, yet the king plotted her downfall. After conspiring with Marshal Cid Aulstyne of the Militesi Empire, the queen was assassinated with Class Zero framed for the regicide.

The King allies with the empire.[note 1]

The King of Concordia assumes the throne, being the first king in Concordian history. As the head of a puppet regime, he hands over the Azure Dragon Crystal into the "protection" of Milites, and declares war on the Dominion of Rubrum. Enraged by the dominion's advance and Soryu not obeying him—rather than protect the kingdom, as he officially states—he orders the unsealing of Naraku, the place where the cursed Dracobaltians got imprisoned due to their insatiable hunger in their endless pain. As Yuzuki advises him not to do so, he questions her allegiance towards the kingdom and her ruler. Yuzuki gives in, asking how to evacuate the kingdom's people. Showing no interest in this matter, the king dismisses Yuzuki and tells Celestia to deal with this task.

The King arguing.

Yuzuki and Class Zero corner the king as he tries to find the Blue Dragon Crystal in Naraku. He reveals his true intentions, having agreed to the queen's assassination to become the first king of Concordia. He feels discriminated for not being allowed to ascend due to his gender, and thus came to Naraku together with Yuzuki to find and reactivate the Blue Dragon Crystal so that the kingdom would not be ruled only by women.

The king learns the Blue Dragon Crystal has ceased to exist, with its former followers becoming the Dracobaltians, cursed beings with an insatiable hunger. Indignant and disgusted, the king refuses to believe a single word Yuzuki speaks and is determined to help Concordia to its former brilliance by bringing back the Blue Dragon Crystal, but the Dracobaltians eat him alive.

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The King of Concordia is voiced by Jun Fukuyama in Japanese, who also voiced Onion Knight from Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

In the English version, he is voiced by Piotr Michael (credited as "Piotr Walczuk").



  1. Cid Aulstyne shaking hands with the King of Concordia resembles the event that Adolf Hitler meets Benito Mussolini for the first time on June 13, 1934 in the city of Venice.