The King of Eblan and the Queen of Eblan are minor non-player characters in Final Fantasy IV. They are the parents of Prince Edge.

Story[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy IV[edit | edit source]

After Eblan Castle was attacked, the people of Eblan fled to the Cave of Eblan. Edge left and the King and Queen were abducted by Dr. Lugae, who turned them into chimeric monsters and kept them atop of the Tower of Babil. An enraged Edge set out with a force of Eblan soldiers to travel through the rear of the Cave of Eblan to reach the Tower of Babil, intent on challenging Rubicante and saving his parents.

When the party visits the upper half of the tower, they face Edge's parents before the two come to their senses and stop fighting. Using the little time they have as themselves, the King and Queen tell Edge that because they aren't human anymore and they have to kill themselves to ensure they at least die with their minds intact. They tell Edge he is ready to rule Eblan and self-destruct. The resulting rage over their deaths and Rubicante's indifference empowers Edge to help him defeat the Archfiend.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[edit | edit source]

During Edge's Tale he passes through the Cave of Eblan and visits the graves of his parents in the chamber the Eblan people took shelter in. Edge reflects that being buried there, out of sight, was in accordance with his father's wishes, and thinks he was a ninja to the end.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy IV[edit | edit source]

The King of Eblan (2D and 3D) and the Queen of Eblan (2D and 3D) appear as bosses in the Tower of Babil. The battle is scripted, and defending the entire fight will secure the player's victory. They are not recorded in the Bestiary.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[edit | edit source]

The King of Eblan and the Queen of Eblan are fought within the True Moon when one of the crystals revives past foes. The battle is again scripted and neither of them attacks, eventually committing suicide, but not before telling Edge to save Eblan and their world.

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[edit | edit source]

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