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King VERMIN! is an optional boss in Final Fantasy X-2 fought at the end of the Fiend Colony. It also appears later on as a regular foe in the Via Infinito.





The battle starts with an ambush. It is recommended to equip something to guard against Sleep, and something that absorbs Fire damage. With these in place, the battle will be easy.

If the Vermin is Oversouled it will gain Triple Attack, Holy and Flare. Triple Attack is a physical attack, and Holy and Flare can be blocked with Reflect, although this will also bounce back the Vermin's Fire spells, which heal it.

Creature Creator[]

King VERMIN! is available for capture after discovering the Fiend Colony in Chapter 5. King VERMIN! comes having learned Firaga, Health Preserver, Sense Preserver, and Life Preserver, and can learn Full Break if hit with a powerful attack.

Fiend Tale[]

In the Fiend Tale endings, a notable King VERMIN! was an assassin in the fiend world who had a perfect track record in taking out other fiends. He met his end at the sting of a Death Dauber whose father was his first hit.



King VERMIN! takes its name from a line in Final Fantasy VII; when Cloud's party are caught in a trap set by President Shinra when trying to escape the Mako Reactor 5, Barret calls the president "King VERMIN!" King VERMIN! FFVII Likewise, the use of "foo'" in the description is a reference to Barret, whose voice and mannerisms in English-language Final Fantasy VII media are infamously likened to those of Mr. T.

Strangely, the Final Fantasy X-2 Ultimania Omega "Fiend Encyclopedia" refers to the enemy by the name "Magma Mantis". This is neither its name in English or Japanese.

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