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Normal: "A venomous fiend whose scythe-like forelegs can cut anything to shreds. Beware its Blade Rondo attack which takes full advantage of these lethal appendages."
Oversoul: "A fiend with a lot of pent up rage. Perhaps this is why it's so quick to counterattack after being hit. Even worse, it uses magic."


The King Takouba is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2. Its normal attacks inflict the Poison status in non-Oversoul form, but when Oversouled do not inflict Poison status. It is weak to Fire-elemental attacks such as Flametongue and Firaga.

While many enemies are about the same difficulty when Oversouled, the King Takouba is without doubt more difficult to defeat when Oversouled, when it counterattacks against everything, and can inflict various statuses on the party. Having Ribbons or status proof abilities help with dealing with it at that time.

Blade Rondo has a damage constant double that of its regular attacks. Its Oversoul attacks Frenzied Edge and Rip to Shreds are both Fractional damage attacks, both taking 1/4 of the target's HP, with the latter also inflicting Itchy status.

At the beginning of battle, or once Blade Rondo has been performed, its normal attack sequence begins, choosing a random step in the sequence: three normal attacks then Blade Rondo. This is unfortunately only of help in determining average damage, as there is not much chance of predicting where the sequence will begin.

While King Takouba's Oversouled, it counterattacks with Frenzied Edge whenever it receives HP or MP damage, or is attacked by a character or monster. Oversouled attack sequence is random, with some of the outcomes being conditional on Poison status on the target. It has a 5/12 chance of a normal attack, 1/6 chance of Blade Rondo, 1/12 chance of Rip to Shreds, and 1/12 chance each of the Status effect-causing spells Blind, Silence, Confuse, and Bio (damage + Poison status). It checks Poison status on the characters to determine whether to cast its Status ailments; if the character is Poisoned, it will do a normal attack instead.

As it only checks Poison status, a character could conceivably cast Poison on the party, or leave it on once the King Takouba casts it, and thereafter avoid the other Status ailments. This is beneficial to the capabilities of a party without Status resists, but apart from reducing counterattacks against physical attacks missed because of Blind, is also beneficial to the creature's damage potential.

Creature Creator

Fiend Tale

In the Fiend Tale endings, a notable King Takouba was a legendary fiend whose apparent immortality resulted into becoming the sword of Lord Mi'ihen. After Mi'ihen died, King Takouba reverted to his original state and attempted to keep his fiend bloodlust in check before Mi'ihen seals his ally into his weapon form to await one who would inherit Mi'ihen's will.

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