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King Behemoth is a boss in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. He is the third boss encountered in the Labyrinth of the Ancients.

Battle[edit | edit source]

The arena with King Behemoth is electrified. The effect can be lowered by using towers at the four corners. It is best for four of the tanks in the alliance to remain stationed at a tower, with the remaining two to deal with King Behemoth and any Iron Giants.

Throughout the fight, Purobolos and Iron Giants will show up. While purobolos can easily be handled by DPS, the Iron Giant should be grabbed by the remaining off-tank. Several comets will rain down on players marked with a green icon.

When King Behemoth roars, he will cast Ecliptic Meteor. Players should take cover behind the fallen comets to avoid being annihilated by the attack. The shattering comets will still deal some damage to the alliance that should be healed before resuming the fight.

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