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King in battle (PSP).

King is a playable character in Final Fantasy Type-0 who wields dual handguns in battle. Compared to fellow ranged characters, King's shots lacks the homing capabilities that Ace and Cater have, but his attacks are faster and have further range.

King's gameplay demands players to be calculated and observant of their surroundings and enemies. He needs to reload when depleted of ammo to continue firing, leaving him vulnerable while he does so. His Hi-Cap Magazine skills increase his ammo capacity and minimize the need to reload. King can reload manually, but if his guns are depleted his attack command switches to reload; as such, players are advised to know when to take cover and retreat to restock. The second half of the reload animation can be skipped by dodging.

Compared to the other ranged characters, King is better equipped to handle close-quarters combat, with a powerful kick attack and an immediate gunfire command that both can also be used while reloading. His bullets travel surprisingly slowly, but still maintain their range. King gains skills such as Magazine Blast and Point-Blank Shot, granting him the ability to deal massive damage to enemies that get too close. To reflect how he wields cast metal bullets compared to his magic-powered long ranged allies, King's range is affected by weather and the environment; clear weather allows his bullets to travel the greatest distance, while heavy rain and fog greatly shortens their trajectory.

His dual handguns allow him to rapidly fire-off shots, making King good at taking out multiple enemies at a ranged distance. Although his overall movement is slower than Ace and Cater, he can cancel moves by dodging, and his close ranged kick can be used in succession. He has different firing animations for standing still, walking, reloading, and shooting after dodging. King automatically shoots towards enemies, even if not locked-on.

Stats[edit | edit source]

King's biggest weakness is his stats, which are generally poor except in the categories of HP and Attack, in which he is average. His low stats along with his easily affected fighting style makes King one of the more technical and dexterity-based characters to use. Considering that he has the lowest defense, it is important to augment King with accessories that improve his survival. King is a poor magic user, with the lowest affinity for Flame and Defense Magic. His MP is better suited for assigning him a support skill, such as Avoid, as King is not a useful healer.

Level HP MP Strength Defense Flame Magic Ice Magic Lightning Magic Defense Magic
10 397 170 62 40 45 59 48 45
20 555 195 72 43 50 64 53 50
30 700 220 82 45 55 69 58 55
40 830 245 92 48 60 74 63 60
50 947 270 102 50 65 79 68 65
60 1049 295 112 53 70 84 73 70
70 1138 320 122 55 75 89 78 75
80 1212 345 132 58 80 94 83 80
90 1272 370 142 60 85 99 88 85
99 1315 390 151 62 89 103 92 89
Ranking: 5th 13th 10th 14th 14th 7th 10th 14th

Abilities[edit | edit source]

King's abilities cost ammunition.

Endless Waltz has exceptional DPS, but King reloads one gun at a time if his ammo is depleted using this.

Like Cater and King, Hawkeye is a long-range first-person mode that constantly drains AG, but headshots kill instantly.

Ability Effect Obtained AP
(Speed Up (Name in Japanese: スピードアップ))
Increase movement speed. Default 2
(Twin Magic (Name in Japanese: ツインマジック))
Equip two spells at once. Level 28 6
Quick Draw II
(Cancel -ra Magic (Name in Japanese: ラ系キャンセル魔法))
Cast level II finishing magic. Learn Quick Draw. 16
Quick Draw III
(Cancel -ga Magic (Name in Japanese: ガ系キャンセル魔法))
Cast level III finishing magic. Level 90
Learn Quick Draw II.
Triple Slip
(Triple Evasion (Name in Japanese: 三連回避))
Execute up to three dodges in succession. Level 13 2
(Infinite Evasion (Name in Japanese: 無限回避))
Execute any number of dodges in succession. Level 16
Learn Triple Slip.
(Evade Guard (Name in Japanese: 回避ガード))
Window for dodging increases. Level 24 5
(Libra (Name in Japanese: ライブラ))
Check status of locked-on targets. Default Default
Marksmanship Deal more damage when closer to enemy, but less damage in bad weather. Default Default
Reload Reload by pressing left analog stick down + normal attack. Default Default
(Reload Marksmanship (Name in Japanese: リロード射撃))
Enable user to fire weapon while reloading. Level 17 3
(Kick Attack (Name in Japanese: キック攻撃))
Perform a melee attack with left analog stick up + normal attack. Default Default
Direct Shot
(Grappling Marksmanship (Name in Japanese: 格闘射撃))
Fire a special shot after melee attacks. Level 11 3
Quick Draw
(Cancel Magic (Name in Japanese: キャンセル魔法))
Cast a finishing spell after melee attacks. Level 80 16
Hi-Cap Magazine
(Magazine Bullet Number Increase (Name in Japanese: マガジン弾数増加))
Increase magazine capacity from 12 to 18 rounds. Level 18 8
Hi-Cap Magazine II
(Magazine Bullet Number Increase+ (Name in Japanese: マガジン弾数増加改))
Increase magazine capacity from 18 to 24 rounds. Level 27
Learn Hi-Cap Magazine.
Point-Blank Shot
(Powered Bullet (Name in Japanese: パワードバレット))
Inflict tremendous damage on nearby enemies. Default Default
Charge I
(Charge Lv.1 (Name in Japanese: チャージLv.1))
Increase attack power of Point-Blank Shot by holding down button. Default 3
Charge II
(Charge Lv.2 (Name in Japanese: チャージLv.2))
Increase charge level of Point-Blank Shot. Level 11
Learn Charge I.
Charge III
(Charge Lv.3 (Name in Japanese: チャージLv.3))
Max out charge level of Point-Blank Shot. Level 13
Learn Charge II.
Point-Blank Shot: Crit Up
(PB Enhancement (Name in Japanese: PB強化))
Increase critical hit rate of Point-Blank Shot. Level 15 8
Point-Blank Shot: AG Down
(PB Reduced AG Cost (Name in Japanese: PB消費AG減))
Reduce AG cost of Point-Blank Shot. Level 22 8
Magazine Blast
(Magazine Bomb (Name in Japanese: マガジンボム))
Launch and fire at an ammo cartridge to make it explode. Level 14 4
Magazine Blast: Power Up
(MB Power Increase (Name in Japanese: MB威力増大))
Increase power of Magazine Blast. Level 18
Learn Magazine Blast.
Magazine Blast: AG Down
(MB Reduced AG Cost (Name in Japanese: MB消費AG減))
Reduce AG cost of Magazine Blast. Level 25
Learn Magazine Blast.
Endless Waltz Fire continuously with both guns. Level 12 3
Endless Waltz: AG Down
(EW Reduced AG Cost (Name in Japanese: EW消費AG減))
Reduce AG cost of Endless Waltz. Level 19
Learn Endless Waltz.
Trigger Finger
(Quick Draw (Name in Japanese: クイックドロウ))
Draw gun quickly to counter enemy attacks. Level 16 4
Trigger Finger: Power Up
(QD Enhancement (Name in Japanese: QD強化))
Increase power of Trigger Finger when guns are holstered. Level 21
Learn Trigger Finger.
Trigger Finger: AG Down
(QD Reduced AG Cost (Name in Japanese: QD消費AG減))
Reduce AG cost of Trigger Finger. Level 26
Learn Trigger Finger.
(Snipe Mode (Name in Japanese: スナイプモード))
Aim and fire at distant enemies. Level 20 4
Hawkeye: AG Down
(SM Reduced AG Cost (Name in Japanese: SM消費AG減))
Reduce AG cost of Hawkeye. Level 24
Learn Hawkeye.
Iron Will
(Never Give Up (Name in Japanese: ネバーギブアップ))
Prevent user from being KO'd. Level 29 8
Iron Will: Time Up
(NG Time Extension (Name in Japanese: NG時間延長))
Aura effect of Iron Will remains active for a longer time. Level 33
Learn Iron Will.
Iron Will: AG Down
(NG Reduced AG Cost (Name in Japanese: NG消費AG減))
Reduce AG cost of Iron Will. Level 45
Learn Iron Will.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'Dev:Context-link' not found. King's exclusive accessory is the Tailored Suit, which increases his HP by 50% and nullifies weather and terrain effects.

Support Personnel[edit | edit source]

Some Support Personnel in the HD version appear as King: Tomokazu Sugita (King's Japanese VA), Hitomi Watanabe (Project Manager), Ichiro Hazama, and Tetsuya Nomura (Creative Producer).

Quotes[edit | edit source]

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