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An Agito Cadet in Class Zero at the Akademeia who finds it more sensible to wield dual handguns despite his nation being bestowed the power of magic. Although he can be blunt, he genuinely cares about and looks after his friends. Following the will of the Vermilion Bird Crystal, he and his classmates are left to decide the fate of the world.


King is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia who can be recruited during Chapter 3 of the main storyline.



King wears the standard uniform of Class Zero, a black jacket with gold-padded shoulders, a red cape, and white trousers, but his jacket is shorter and he never fastens it.


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Chapter 3[]

King is at first relieved to find another Class Zero cadet (Rem). He is surprised she was summoned to the world despite of her illness, and she asks him to conceal it from the rest of the party. When asked to join the party, King replies that his Weapons were designed for war, not for protection. Others reply that the most important thing is the purpose of the fight.

Lost Chapter: The Power of Valor[]

King, Rem, and the other warriors of light explore an abandoned palace when they hear a warrior in battle with monsters. When Rem recognizes the warrior as Cater, King joins her to investigate. They arrive just as Cater defeats the last of her enemies. Cater is surprised to see her fellow cadets, but is particularly baffled by their compatriots Steiner and Yang's attires. King and Rem explain that they have been transported to an entirely different world.

Firion and Penelo convince Cater to join their ranks. The search for the torsion takes King and the others out of the palace, through a nearby forest, into a different abandoned palace. As Cater closes the torsion, Vincent commends on her talent and strength, but critiques her hubris and warns her that it could lead to her downfall. Cater is frustrated by his lecture, but Rem reminds that he is only worried for her. King reminds her of the other cadets in Class Zero, who had their own ways of expressing themselves in spite of their unified intentions.

As Rem and King try to temper Vincent's comment to help Cater understand him, Galuf notes that Yuffie and Cater are in many ways alike. Yuffie is upset by the implication, which in turn offends Cater, and the two yell at each other while Galuf notes that his point had just been proven. Yuffie demands to know if she had ever been as annoying as Cater is. When met with an awkward silence, King and the others walk away, leaving Cater and Yuffie to themselves.

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Image Name Image Name
DFFOO Twin Magnums (0).png Twin Magnums (0)
(4★) / 10CP
DFFOO Judgments (0).png Judgments (0)
(5★) / 15CP
Original design. Original design.
DFFOO Outsiders (0).png Outsiders (0)
(5★) / 35CP
DFFOO Double Dragons (0).png Double Dragons (0)

(5★) / EX (70CP)

Original design. Original design.
DFFOO Double Dragons (0)+.png Double Dragons (0)+
(6★) / EX+ (100CP)
Image Name Image Name
DFFOO Ballistic Armor (0).png Ballistic Armor (0)
(4★) / 20CP
DFFOO Ballistic Shield (0).png Ballistic Shield (0)
(5★) / 35CP
Original design. Original design.
DFFOO Duke's Gauntlets (0).png Duke's Gauntlets (0)
(5★) / 90CP
DFFOO Duke's Gauntlets (0)+.png Duke's Gauntlets (0)+
(6★) / 130CP
Original design.


Move Type Image
BRV Attack BRV, Ranged 200px
Default 1-hit attack that lowers the enemy's BRV gauge.
BRV Attack+ BRV, Ranged
2-HIT stronger BRV attack.

Requires STR 60 Passive Ability. Condition: while Trigger Happy is active.

HP Attack HP, Ranged 200px
Default 1-hit attack that lowers the enemy's HP gauge.
Rapid Bullets BRV, Ranged, Buff DFFOO Quick Bullet.jpg
2-HIT BRV attack with low action delay.

Grants Medium Max BRV Up for 3 turns.

Rapid Bullets+ HP, Ranged, Buff
1-HIT BRV+HP attack with low action delay.

Grants Medium Max BRV Up for 3 turns. Condition: while Trigger Happy is active.

Reload Self, Buff DFFOO Reload.jpg
Resets use count of other abilities
Increases BRV based on ATK
Self: 6 turns Trigger-Happy (Raises ATK, SPD)
Rapid Bullets becomes Rapid Bullets+ (ranged BRV attack + HP attack) while Trigger-Happy active
BRV Up Attack Up Additional Ability, Self, Battery 200px
Increases BRV based on ATK
Slightly raises own ATK for 2 turns
Endless Waltz EX Ability, Ranged, Buff 200px
5-hit ranged BRV attack + HP attack delivered 2 times.
Self: 4 turns Less Talk More Action (Raises MAX BRV, ATK
Restores a certain amount of BRV)

Inflicting Break while Less Talk More Action active grants additional turn; inflicting Break during additional turn does not grant another
Additional turn does not add to turn count; does consume turn during summoning, support



  • In Act 2, Chapter 9, King comments that he wanted to perform with Jack joining in that idea and suggesting that he, King and Trey could form a band, alluding to the "In Another Spiral" cutscene in Final Fantasy Type 0.