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King's Might abilities, abbreviated KM, are active skills in King's Knight -Wrath of the Dark Dragon-. As many KM are attack skills, the system draws some comparison to Limit Breaks in other series titles. Operationally, KM are magic used by the player, each a spell with varying range and effect.

Acquirement[edit | edit source]

KM I[edit | edit source]

Each unit is assigned his/her first King's Might upon recruitment. Tagged "KM I", the spell will typically have a linear or annular area-of-effect around the unit, and will also carry the unit's innate element. Still, for the cost of some MP, it allows the unit to damage more enemies and obstacles in a short period of time. For Wizard units, KM I is usually a speed-healing skill, identified with a heart icon.

KM II[edit | edit source]

Given materials, AP and an amount in zell, most units can learn a second King's Might, tagged "KM II", with the same element as KM I. KM II usually possess a wider AoE than KM I and may also use more MP. For Wizards, KM II is the attack skill.

KM III[edit | edit source]

Some weapons possess their own KM abilities, unlocked as the weapon is tempered and reforged toward its final form. When a weapon with a KM is equipped on a unit, the skill will appear as "KM III".

Enhancement[edit | edit source]

A unit's two innate KM skills can be enhanced one time each through development. When enhanced, each individual KM increases in power and range. Some skills may also add status effects to each target struck, and may also add a timed status boost to units in the field of play.

Limitations[edit | edit source]

As KM are magic in nature, their use is governed by a unit's MP, which are limited but recover with each successful shot on a scoring target. They can also be halted by the Silence debuff for a few seconds.

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