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The following is a list of statuses from King's Knight -Wrath of the Dark Dragon-.

List of statuses[]


When Confused, a series of ?'s spin around the victim's head, and the player's control of the victim is randomized. The effect can be triggered by enemy attacks, wearing off after several seconds.


In Freeze status, an enemy is encased in ice and cannot move for several seconds. Kaliva's KM II, Icicle Press, is the first ability known to inflict Freeze on each target struck.


Paralysis causes the victim to freeze in place for several seconds as scrolling continues for the quest. During this time, the unit is enveloped in an electrical field. The effect can be triggered by enemy attacks, or by walking into the effect field of a paraflower. While not a required target, paraflowers can be shot away from a distance; the player needs to land 3-5 shots to destroy one.


When afflicted with Poison, a unit will slowly lose HP for several seconds before it wears off. This is marked by a venomous brew over the unit's head. Poison can be triggered by enemy attacks, or by walking into the effect field of a poison flower. Poison flowers, however, are safe to shoot from a distance; though not a required target, they can be destroyed in 3-5 shots.


A temporary debuff triggered by enemy attacks, Silence prevents the use of the victim's King's Might abilities for several seconds, eventually wearing off.

Near KO[]

When the active unit is Near KO, the corners of the screen wash over in red, and both the HP gauge and its numerical value appear in red as well. At this point, the player should use a healing skill or pick up as many heart power-ups as possible. Healing is the innate skill of a Wizard; standing in a Wizard's regen field will recover the active unit's HP.

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