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Kimahri is a boss fought in Final Fantasy X-2, in the International version and the HD Remaster in the Fiend Arena in the Youth League Tournament. He is fought either alone or with Lulu.



He often attacks physically or with his powerful Jump attack. When he is low in health, he will cast the powerful magic-based attack Sunshine, which deals non-elemental damage to the whole party and has the same animation as Supernova and Big Bang. Kimahri also uses Mighty Guard to bestow protective statuses on himself and Lulu. When low on health, he can heal with White Wind, which restores 9,999 HP.

He can be captured by placing an SP pod in Mt. Gagazet anytime during a New Game+ playthrough.


Kimahri usually casts Mighty Guard on his first turn. If this happens, the player should use Dispel or Crackdown to remove the status buffs on Kimahri before proceeding to dish out damage on him. Kimahri actually has lower Defense, Magic Defense, and Evasion than Lulu, but makes up for this with much higher HP, Agility, and Strength. Protect and high Defense stats are recommended to reduce the damage of Kimahri's physical attacks and Jump, while Shell and high Magic Defense are recommended to reduce the damage of Sunshine. Unlike in Final Fantasy X, Jump can be evaded. If the player's party has very high Evasion and Luck stats, Sunshine is the only attack from Kimahri the player will need to worry about.

The player should use all of their most powerful attacks on Kimahri. Characters and creatures at Level 99 with maxed out Strength and Break Damage Limit can defeat Kimahri with approximately five or six uses of Fireworks, Meteor, or Ultima, although more may be needed if Kimahri uses Mighty Guard. As with Lulu, Kimahri is not immune to any of the "Break" abilities, so reducing his Strength and Magic is useful, although it is not necessary if the player's creatures and characters are at high levels.

When fighting Kimahri and Lulu together, the player should take out Lulu first as she not only has lower HP than Kimahri, but many of her attacks can target the entire party.

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