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Killsight (キルサイト, Kirusaito?) is a gameplay mechanic in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is a fatally vulnerable state that allows any attack hitting the target to be an instant death attack. The player can execute it by locking onto an enemy, by holding R1/Right bumper/Right shoulder button. Killsight is also a negative status effect that places any target under its effect capable of being instantly killed in one hit.

The status highlights the game's themes of chaotic and swift mortality in times of war and death.

When active, a red symbol appears on the opponent. When hit at this moment, the enemy is killed immediately. The criteria for Killsight depend on each enemy, but it often activates when they are about to attack, or right after they have attacked. In preemptive strikes all enemies may start with a prolonged Killsight status, which allows the party to finish them off quickly. When an enemy comes out of Rage Mode, it will have Killsight status for five seconds. If the team has an ability with the capability of stunning enemies, a stunned enemy will become vulnerable enough to where a Killsight opening will show itself. Killsight also determines phantoma drops.

When the active leader lands an attack on an opponent without Killsight, it will not appear on an opponent immediately after, and may be skipped until the opponent repeats the animation initiating a Killsight. If an ally lands an attack on an opponent with Killsight, it will disappear. There will be no critical hits on an opponent with Killsight. Landing an attack on an opponent with Killsight can replenish the Ability Gauge substantially. When damage is absorbed from an attack with an element that hits the opponent with Killsight, it will have no effect.

Killsights, like Breaksights, are most easily employed by ranged fighters, Cater, King and Trey, who can hit opponents from a distance. Eight, Queen and Jack have little delay between button presses and issuing their attacks, and can be used effectively as well.



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