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Killer Queen is a mark in Final Fantasy XV fought during the Disquieted Queens hunt.


The queen who sits atop the social order of the colony. While common bees have but one queen per hive, this breed allows for an oligarchy. The queen is nevertheless despotic, and liable to lash out at even her own subjects in rage.
Size: 5.64 ft. Weight: 144.4 lb.


Disquieted QueensLestallum – Tostwell Grill4
Red Hunt Icon
Killer Queen x3Coernix Bypass (All Times)386,850 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★



Killer queens are weak to one-handed swords, firearms and ice. Them being flying enemies, Gladiolus and Ignis may struggle to hit them. There is a rock on the huntsground the player can point-warp to. When the player fights grounded, the bees' attacks frequently bring up the block and parry prompt. The bees swoop down rapidly, easily knocking Noctis over. Cross chain can trigger against bees that are made vulnerable.


The player can warp-strike the bees from the air. With airdancing unlocked in the Ascension, the player can fight airborne for longer. Ignis's Enhancement can augment Noctis's weapon. Prompto's Piercer can debuff the bees. Throwing ice elemancy at the swarm hits the bees' weakness. The Feast of the Divine recipe, which is now a default recipe, immunizes the party to ice as well as status ailments (besides Instant Death), making it a potentially good recipe to eat for the battle when using ice elemancy if the player can easily afford the ingredients. Character-swapping to Prompto and using his lumen flare can down the bees and make them vulnerable and thus susceptible to his powerful Crackshot.

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