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Kilika ['kɪ.lɪ.kə] is an island off the southern coast of the Spira mainland, consisting of a small port and village, a large jungle and a Temple of Yevon. The island is home to the Kilika Beasts blitzball team, and is the hometown of High Summoner Ohalland.


Kilika PortEdit

Kilika WoodsEdit

Kilika TempleEdit

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Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Chocobo treasuresEdit

Sending a chocobo to Kilika to look for treasures finds the following items (depending on the chocobo's level):

Level Treasure
1 Budget Grenade, Grenade, Grenade x2
2 Grenade x3, M-Bomb, M-Bomb x2, Petrify Grenade
3 Grenade x4, L-Bomb x2, Petrify Grenade x2
4 S-Bomb, L-Bomb x3, Sleep Grenade x2, Titanium Bangle
5 M-Bomb, Silence Grenade x4, Star Pendant, Venom Shock

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