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Khrimm is a non-playable character from original Final Fantasy XIV.


Khrimm lost his parents, Sigurdh and Oona, to greenwrath for fighting the empire. He becomes friends with Fye, who had also lost her brother Dunstan for the same reasons. Khrimm refuses to believe in the existence of the elementals and claims to have seen Fye's brother and his parents in the forest, and that they were not wildlings. After no one believes his words, Khrimm tries to prove his claim by arousing the greenwrath in himself.[1]

Khrimm burns a Hedgetree.

Khrimm actually meets with the supposed wildlings and by refusing to return to Gridania when they claim they are on a secret mission, Khrimm sets fire to a tree. The news quickly reaches the city-state and several members of the Gods' Quiver and Wood Wailers come to the scene to try to prevent the worst from happening. Despite the enraged elemental being defeated, Khrimm suffers a greenwrath and is petrified.[2]

While O-App-Pesi analyzes Khrimm's condition, Papalymo and Yda return from the wood with Dunstan. E-Sumi-Yan orders a great purification ritual, but fears that saving young Khrimm may demand that Dunstan give his life. Fye tries to see Khrimm, but fearing that Khrimm's greenwrath would be transmitted to Fye, O-App-Pesi denies the visit and instead asks him to warn Fye that her brother has returned to Gridania. Once the purification ritual is performed, Dunstan loses consciousness and Khrimm is effectively healed without the need for Dunstan to offer his life in return.[2]

Hermit of the Wood.

At present Khrimm has become a Path of the Twelve walker and is known by the name of "Hermit of the Wood". He meets the adventurer when he escorts Powle and Sansa through the wood to the Lifemend Stump, where the children leave an invitation for the moogles to participate in the purification ritual. Hermit of the Wood warns the party that it is not a safe place for children and accompanies them back to the city-state.[3]

When the ritual begins, a group of moogles arrive bringing a message from the elementals to the adventurer. Saying that the adventurer's role in being called into the forest is to be a messenger of the goddess Nophica, the Matron herself. The moment the Hermit of the Wood goes to speak to the adventurer, the adventurer passes out due to a echo vision and is taken to the Adventurer's Guild. Hermit of the Wood leaves an invitation for the adventurer to visit the Path of the Twelve in Ul'dah and sets out to warn Minfilia about his discoveries.[2]

As soon as the adventurer heads to the organization's headquarters, Hermit of the Wood is seen alongside the walkers from other cities welcoming him.[4]




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