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Keycatrich Trench is an abandoned shelter in the Keycatrich area in northern Leide in Final Fantasy XV. Keycatrich used to be a rich area, which was destroyed in the Great War after the Wall was concentrated over the Crown City. It is now inhabited by goblins and hides away a royal tomb.

In Chapter 15, the player can open the sealed door at the back of the dungeon for the Menace Beneath Lucis quest. This post-game dungeon has various flan type daemons.


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After hearing of Crown City's fall, Prince Noctis embarks on a journey to collect the royal arms of his forebears. He learns from Marshal Cor Leonis that the trench hides a royal tomb, but Cor departs after dropping Noctis and his retinue off at the trench's entrance.

Noctis and his friends find goblins who play tricks on them by shutting off the power generator at an inopportune time, and leaving treasures behind to set up traps for them. Noctis finds the Tomb of the Conqueror guarded by an Arachne, and claims the Axe of the Conqueror.

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Main dungeon portion
Menace dungeon portion


Main dungeon portion
Menace dungeon portion


Menace Sleeps in Keycatrich[]

In Chapter 15, the player can do the Menace Beneath Lucis sidequests after completing the following optional dungeons: Costlemark Tower, Crestholm Channels, Balouve Mines and Daurell Caverns. At Meldacio Hunter HQ Ezma Auburnbrie will provide the Sealbreaker's Key to open the sealed doors, including the one in Keycatrich Trench. The recommended level for this dungeon is 55. The Windows and Royal Editions add monoliths to the dungeons, which the player can read to fill out their Datalog and get further lore information.

Keycatrich's sealed door is located in the deepest part of the dungeon, a little way behind a crawlspace after the Tomb of the Conqueror. The player must descend through a series of floors with the goal to defeat the boss at the bottom. This menace dungeon has 20 floors each consisting of one item and a set of monsters the player must defeat to proceed to the next floor. There is a haven along the journey, so the player can replenish health and cook.

Specific floors have branching rooms that lead to three paths where two lead to a dead end. Going through the correct path blocks the returning way, so if one wishes to collect all the available items in the dungeon, one should go to both dead ends first before passing through the correct path.

This menace dungeon houses various flan-type daemons that resist weapons (apart from the royal arms) and some elements except Light. Elemancy can easily take care of specific flan, but the tight spaces can damage the player's allies as well. Equipping Light-elemental weapons (e.g. Dominator, Orichalcum, etc.) can help deal additional damage. The player can also use the Ring of the Lucii and the Magitek Exosuit for an easy journey. The boss on the final floor is a Lakhmu Flan, an over-sized black flan whose attacks are powerful but can be easily dodged and parried.

The special treasures obtainable in this menace dungeon are: Hyper Magnum firearm (boss floor), Dominator greatsword (10th floor haven), and Wizard Shield (16th floor branching room - left dead end).

List of floors[]

12 x Ereshkigal Lv 39Elixir
23 x Ereshkigal Lv 39Hi-Potion
34 x Ereshkigal Lv 39Laser Sensor
41 x Galvanade Lv 54Circlet
52 x Galvanade Lv 54Shattered Timepiece
64 x Ereshkigal Lv 39Quality Building Stone
Left: To the next floor
Middle: 1 x Galvanade Lv 54 (Debased Coin) → 1 x Galvanade Lv 54 (Oracle Ascension Coin)
Right: 1 x Galvanade Lv 54 (Mythril Shaft) → 1 x Galvanade Lv 54 (Emerald Bracelet (50%) / Hi-Elixir (25%) / Hi-Potion (25%))
72 x Galvanade Lv 54Splendid Building Stone
82 x Black Flan Lv 38Gold Bangle
94 x Ereshkigal Lv 39Rune Earring (50%) / Ether (25%) / Hi-Potion (25%)
10Dormaneth HavenDominator
112 x Bavarois Lv 50Hi-Potion
122 x Marshmallow Lv 52Laser Sensor
Left: 2 x Marshmallow Lv 52 (Hi-Potion) → 2 x Marshmallow Lv 52 (Debased Silverpiece)
Middle: To the next floor
Right: 2 x Marshmallow Lv 52 (Debased Coin) → 2 x Marshmallow Lv 52 (Splendid Building Stone)
133 x Bavarois Lv 50Earth Gemstone
144 x Marshmallow Lv 52Gold Bangle (50%) / Elixir (25%) / Hi-Potion (25%)
152 x Hecteyes Lv 55Beautiful Bottle
164 x Hecteyes Lv 55Debased Coin
Left: 2 x Hecteyes Lv 55 (Sky Gemstone) → 2 x Hecteyes Lv 55 (Wizard Shield)
Middle: To the next floor
Right: 2 x Hecteyes Lv 55 (Mythril Shaft) → 2 x Hecteyes Lv 55 (Diamond Bracelet)
172 x Bavarois Lv 50Oracle Ascension Coin
184 x Marshmallow Lv 52Prismatic Shard
194 x Hecteyes Lv 55Mega Phoenix (50%) / Ether (25%) / Hi-Potion (25%)
20Lakhmu Flan Lv 61 (boss)Hyper Magnum