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Key to Another World was a Collector's Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. This event was a collaboration between the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy mobile games, Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] and Record Keeper.



Preparations for this particular event began February 10, 2018, when players could participate in a Gummi Ship bullet-hell shooter. The total number of points accumulated in this minigame added to a prize counter in both Record Keeper and Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross]. The more total points that all players earned, the more rewards would be given out as login bonuses. All milestones were reached and all bonuses were given out.


The event coincided with several new game mechanics for the Global release; the Heavy Combat ability school was introduced, and the new Soul Break types "Arcane Overstrike" and "Glint". This event also marked the first Wardrobe Record for Tyro, a black coat like those worn by Organization XIII in Kingdom Hearts.

Starting with the event's launch the login bonuses for the event were delivered, one per day for ten days, over the event's duration.

  • Mythril x10
  • Major Orb x15 each
  • Stamina Potion x2
  • Memory Crystal III Lode x2
  • Rank 5 Kingdom Key (KH) weapon.
  • Rank 4 Mote x20 each
  • Giant Scarletite and Giant Adamantite x50 each
  • Rank 5 Mote x10 each
  • Rank 5 Dark Matter x3
  • Stamina Potion x3

Moogle Shop[]

Instead of gil, dungeons and enemy drops in this event awarded the player Munny, the currency in Kingdom Hearts, which could then be traded in at the Moogle Shop for items. Save for the 2,000 gil trade, which could be traded without limit, all items were only available once.

Item Munny
Mythril 500
Soul of a Hero 2,000
Memory Crystal Lode 2,500
Memory Crystal Lode II 5,000
Memory Crystal Lode IIII 15,000
White Crystal 10,000
Power Crystal 10,000
Black Crystal 10,000
Summon Crystal 10,000
Non-Elemental Crystal 10,000
Fire Crystal 10,000
Ice Crystal 10,000
Lightning Crystal 10,000
Earth Crystal 10,000
Wind Crystal 10,000
Holy Crystal 10,000
Dark Crystal 10,000
Major White Orb 5,000
Major Power Orb 5,000
Major Black Orb 5,000
Major Summon Orb 5,000
Major Non-Elemental Orb 5,000
Major Fire Orb 5,000
Major Ice Orb 5,000
Major Lightning Orb 5,000
Major Earth Orb 5,000
Major Wind Orb 5,000
Major Holy Orb 5,000
Major Dark Orb 5,000
Greater White Orb 1,000
Greater Power Orb 1,000
Greater Black Orb 1,000
Greater Summon Orb 1,000
Greater Non-Elemental Orb 1,000
Greater Fire Orb 1,000
Greater Ice Orb 1,000
Greater Lightning Orb 1,000
Greater Earth Orb 1,000
Greater Wind Orb 1,000
Greater Holy Orb 1,000
Greater Dark Orb 1,000
White Orb x2 250
Power Orb x2 250
Black Orb x2 250
Summon Orb x2 250
Non-Elemental Orb x2 250
Fire Orb x2 250
Ice Orb x2 250
Lightning Orb x2 250
Earth Orb x2 250
Wind Orb x2 250
Holy Orb x2 250
Dark Orb x2 250
Gil x1,000,000 20,000
Gil x2,000 800


Destiny Islands, heart of a peaceful world bathed in warm sunlight. There, Sora, Riku, and Kairi made their plans to set off on a grand adventure. But on the day before they had planned to leave, a darkness fell across the island, and the three friends were separated. As darkness engulfs the island, Sora takes possession of the Keyblade, and he sets out on a true adventure to find his friends. In his travels, Sora visits many worlds, meeting new faces and having life-changing experiences along the way. But to reach the end of his journey, Sora must face Kairi, in her death-like slumber, Riku, who is drawn to the seductive power of darkness, and a mysterious figure with an insatiable lust for the dark.



"Munny" is a corruption of "money", but is also a play on Pooh's favorite snack, which he labels "HUNNY".


  • This was the first event to be released simultaenously globally and in Japan, and the first non-Final Fantasy event to receive a release outside of Japan.
  • In lieu of more traditional Final Fantasy enemies, all enemies in this event were Heartless, the main enemy type in Kingdom Hearts.
  • This event introduced Arcane Overstrike Soul Breaks and Glints, and the Heavy Combat ability school. The 3rd Anniversary event introduced the new Soul Break types in the Japanese version, while the Final Fantasy Type-0 event "Vermillion Youths" introduced Heavy Combat. The release of "Key to Another World" predated both of these events in the global version of Record Keeper, effectively meaning these mechanics were introduced ahead of schedule.
  • Sora's elemental affinities, as designated by his Materia and Soul Breaks, are fire, ice, and lightning; every boss in this event was resistant to those elements, ironically making Sora ill-suited to fighting in his own debut event.


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