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Key Terms, also known as Keywords, is a system in Final Fantasy II. Key Terms further the story and receive additional dialogue. To learn Key Terms, a character first must say the Key Term in their dialogue. A learnable Key Term will be highlighted in red (green on the WonderSwan and GBA versions), and it can be stored using the "Learn" option. In addition to the Learn option, there is also the "Ask" option, which will ask a Key Term, and the "Item" option, which will display or give an item to the character. Only certain, usually plot important characters are able to be utilized through Key Terms, and often Key Terms will lead to the character giving another Key Term.

Key Terms also play a pivotal role in the Arcane Labyrinth, a bonus dungeon added in the PSP and iOS versions. Key Terms are used to unlock new floors in the dungeon, with each Key Term having a unique level and a level task, the reward of which is usually another Arcane Labyrinth-specific Key Term or a hint for another floor. The Arcane Labyrinth adds a total of 30 new terms to the original 15, bringing the total number of Key Terms to 45.

List of Key Terms[]

Original terms[]

Name Category Description Entry at Mysidia Library
Wild Rose Life and Nature The insignia of the Kingdom of Fynn. The rebels also use it as their password. None
Mythril Matter and Materials A magical metal. Josef of Salamand has been searching for its source. Mythril is a strong, easily processed metal. Highly responsive to magic, it forms the basis of magical armaments.
Airship Matter and Materials A craft built by Cid of Poft. Recent technological advances have produced the airship. Should these technical arts proliferate, they could one day drive magic from the world.
Dreadnought Matter and Materials A massive, heavily armed airship under construction in Bafsk. None
Sunfire Magic and Spirits The symbol of Kashuan. Its flame still burns on the ground floor of the keep. In a time before the world knew castles or kingdoms, a star fell to the land we now call Kashuan. A man gathered flame from the star and built an alter to enshrine it.
Goddess's Bell Magic and Spirits The key to the gates of Kashuan Keep. Once, long ago, a king ordered the making of an indestructible lock and key. Three sets were fashioned. The first was forged from friendship, the second from love, and the third from wonder. The sets forged from friendship were soon broken. But the third was wrought from the wonder evoked by the ringing of a single pure note, and it held fast. That key was the Goddess's Bell. So pleased was the king, he hid the bell away in a cavern of snow, where it rests to this day.
Dragoons Life and Nature Dragon knights of Deist. They can speak the tongue of the wyverns. The island of Deist was the ancestral home of the wyverns. A knight named Haan visited the island, and over a period of thirty years, he cultivated a bond with the wyverns. Haan later became the first Dragoon.
Wyverns Life and Nature Flying dragons that fight as one with the dragoons. A close relative of the dragon, the wyvern is a beast trained to serve as the airborne mount of the dragoons. Though smaller than a dragon, a wyvern's strength allows it to carry four to five people into the air.
Mysidia Locations A land found on a continent far to the south. Books filled with the secrets of this world can be found there. Fearing that the tremendous power they wielded might lead the world to destruction, the mages of old founded a settlement in Mysidia and dwelt there in seclusion.
Ultima Tome Magic and Spirits A book containing the ultimate magic. It is said this magic will be released when the world is in peril. It lies enshrined within the Mysidian Tower. In ages past, Pandaemonium, the palace of the lord of Hell, emerged unto our land. The mages of old wove a spell of fearsome power and banished Pandaemonium, averting the crisis. However, the mages feared that the spell was so powerful, it could throw the world into chaos. So they constructed a great tower and sealed within it the tome inscribed with the spell's secrets.
Mask Matter and Materials An artifact used to enter the Mysidian Tower. Two masks are need to break the seal. Make of the White Mask an offering to the goddess beneath Mysidia. If thou art pure of heart, the doppelganger will cease to move. Fit then the Black Mask upon him, and both he and his defiled heart shall fade.
Ekmet Teloess Magic and Spirits An incantation that opens a door leading underground. None
Cyclone Life and Nature A storm controlled by the emperor's magic. None
Palamecia Locations The domain of the emperor. He rules from Castle Palamecia, a stronghold lying far to the south of Kashuan. The king of Palamecia was said to be a man of tremendous pride. Once he decreed that he would give his daughter as a prize to any man who could penetrate his castle. Men who scaled cliffs, men who dug tunnels - all were humbed before the walls of the impenetrable castle. But finally there came a man who succeeded where others had failed. Filling a great bag with hot air, he floated up, alighted on the castle roof, and entered the castle. Enraged at being outwitted, the king attempted to seize the man. But with an airy confidence, the man, together with the princess, escaped into the sky.
Jade Passage Locations The passage by which the beasts of Hell are said to have entered the world. The Jade Passage is the path joining this world with Hell. The passage leads to Pandaemonium, the castle of Hell.

Arcane Labyrinth terms[]

Name Category Description
Mirror Matter and Materials A tool that reflects one's image.
Tracking Magic and Spirits The act of following and studying.
Wind Life and Nature The flow of air that caresses the earth.
Aquifer Locations A water vein that flows underground.
Cave Locations A hole in a rock formation
Wizard Life and Nature One capable of wielding magic.
Candelabra Matter and Materials A tool that illuminates its surroundings.
Dense Fog Life and Nature Thick, expanding mist.
Darkness Magic and Spirits The complete and utter absence of light.
Thundercloud Life and Nature A cloud that accompanies thunder.
Desert Locations A mass of land covered by sand.
Oasis Locations An area of the desert providing water.
Woodlands Locations A dense and sprawling forest.
Fire Life and Nature Burning heat.
Sorcery Magic and Spirits The power needed to cast spells.
Tundra Locations A land of arctic frost.
Greed Magic and Spirits The impulse of wanting.
Authority Magic and Spirits The power to control others.
Cauldron Matter and Materials An object for storage or decoration
Soul Magic and Spirits That which is said to hold life and spirit in a body.
Mercy Magic and Spirits Thoughts and feelings of compassion.
Giants Life and Nature Beings of immense size and strength, resembling man.
Utopia Locations A mythical land that seems like a dream.
Iron Bars Matter and Materials Bars composed of iron.
Chronicles Matter and Materials Written accounts of the past.
Miasma Magic and Spirits A toxin that drains life for death.
Oblivion No category The state of being forgotten.
Hope No category Belief in a wish.
Destruction No category The act of breaking and annihilating.
Guardian No category That which protects people.